Countdown to the best error in a horse ad.

21. Appleloosa for sale.

20. Willingly piaffes & massages.

19. Bay 3-yr-old, lightly started, lounges well.

18. Cooked semen available.

17. Welsh filly, pretty head & eye. Just stared over fences.

16. 3-yr-old TB mare, recently startled under saddle.

15. Aged race gelding, has four clean kegs.

14. Rider must sell: horse going to college.

13. Gray pony, very athletic, broke to dive.

12. Small horse farm for sale, 33 acres, large fenced pastures plus three small haddocks.

11. Attractive gelding for Combined Training, ready to brake in the spring.

10. Aged Warmblood mare, no lices. Reasonably priced to good home.

9. Registered Hockey Club mare.

8. Super mover-gloats over the ground!

7. Always in the ribbons over fences & thunder saddle.

6. Select young stock for sale, top scores at insurrection.

5. 1899 filly offered for sale.

4. Oldenburg colt, will manure to 17 hands.

3. Young Hanoverian, started u/s, bumping over small courses.

2. Many sport horses for sale, all apes and sizes.

1. LFG-Live Floral Guarantee.

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These are great, what a good laugh! I vote for #3 "Oldenburg colt, will manure to 17 hands." I have p/t jobs cleaning stalls so that one definitely got the biggest laugh - can't imagine what my day would be like to find a stall like that!!!
LOL yep laughing away, I too like #4, I think that over his livetime that "Oldenburg colt will manure more than 17 hands." :)
I vote for #14- "rider must sell. Horse going to college" I guess rider is still in kindergarden!!! LMAO
I like 1899 filly for that horse has lived a good long life!
What a good laugh, made my day!!
....*laughing* ....
These are Wonderful!!!
Thanks for the EXTRA Smile Today!!! ;-)
~ Barby
haha :D
lol awesome i like #14 rider must sell horse going to college
Brilliant! I like number 20 - imagine a horse that could give a massage!
Also like the Welsh filly staring over fences and the one that is a registered Hockey Club member!

Priceless. Thanks for sharing these!
I had a horse like # 17. Just stared over the fences. No jumping involved.
I'm still laughing!! Made my day!!
I liked # 14. Smart horse, lol!


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