Hello everyone.
Can someone out there help me? I'm looking for a pony for my granddaughter. The perfect pony will be on the smaller side, any colour, any breed, boy or girl, and any age. It must also be very, very safe and healthy.
In return for light work teaching my granddaughter how to ride, it will receive lots of love and great care. I'm in the Aurora/Newmarket/Uxbridge area but will travel a reasonable distance if necessary.
Oh, I almost forgot...reasonably priced.
Thank you all for putting the word out. I'm sure there must be a sadly-outgrown pony out there somewhere just waiting for a new little girl to mother him or her.

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Hey Maureen!!
....*waving* ....
I'm so GLAD You posted your "search request" here in the general forum.
# 1 - Bless your heart for starting down such a Wonderful Path with your Very Lucky Grandgirl!!
And doing it in SUCH a Smart way ... I applaud You for seeking the pony You've described.
There's Absolutely NO Doubt in my mind ... The Right Pony is Just Right Around the Corner!!!

"Your Search" brings up some VERY Good discussion.

I'd LOVE to know how many horse folk HERE in Barnmice, were lucky enough to "start" down their Own Equestrian Path ... on someone else's Outgrown pony???
On that same note ... I'd Love to know WHO in here has passed a Good Pony on to others.

I KNOW Geoffrey Pannell mentioned ponies / horses being passed down through his family.
I'm betting there are LOADS of Others!!

My own first pony came down through a cousin, who had got it from a neighbor family ... All their kids had learned to ride on him.
And when I was ready for my next pony ... he went a short distance away, to a family who had 6 smaller children.
There he lived out the rest of his life ... Well Loved and Cared For, Well Respected, A Useful "Member" of their family!! :-)

.....*laughing* .....
You don't mind if we hi jack this thread just a wee bit ... while we're hunting for Mr. or Mrs Right Pony ....
Do You???

~ Barby
I don't mind at all. It'll be fun.
Hi Maureen. Maybe now that you have put out your request, you can get more specific. When we get specific in our requests, the universe brings us what we want. :) My pony was 22 when I bought him. He is 14.2 so I call him a pony, but he's a quarab. I paid $3500 for two horses, one younger... I figure Toby was a freebie.... I've had him for five years and he was actually found for me by a trainer I knew in the area... sometimes at my tack store there are ads for ponies and horses for sale, local magazines, etc... Let's see, I visited my pony about 5 times before I brought him home and he was about 2 hours away one way. :) I will never ever get rid of him or pass him on... he is my first horse and my neices and nephews and grandkids enjoy him... I think horses that have been passed around alot deserve to eventually just be home... in a forever place... he seems so happy to know that too...

One time I went to buy him a blanket and I explained that he was 14.2 and the tack store guy said, "oh, he's a pony".... that's why I call him that.

I hope you find your pony for your granddaughter... I don't know where you live, but I know that I am not a good source for you, but wanted to encourage you to look at the horsey places in your area too. :)

Welcome to Barnmice... I've chatted for five years and this is one of my new totally favorite sites....
Thank you Jennifer for your story and encouragement. I live in Ontario Canada. I have just joined Barn Mice and it's quickly becoming my favourite too.
Hi, Sista, I have been chatting for 5 years and this is my favorite place, too. Thanks to you. Now, about ponies, I love ponies. I started out on a Pinto pony named Tony. I was 3 years old. I never looked back, lol. I have owned many ponys and several miniature horses, and lots of just horses. I have never had a mean pony. I was telling my friend, who is a rodeo cowboy, that I was thinking of getting my littlest grandaughter her own pony. He said ponies are mean, get her a Quarter Horse like my daughter rides. I think people who have never personally owned their own pony might believe all the wives tales about them. I love ponies.
Hi Maureen;
I have a 13.3 hand very cute paint pony for sale. Her name is Snickers. She will work in both western and english tack, she likes to work slow and easy. www.saturnstablesofstcatharines.com - visit the our horses page. I am negotiable on price. We have several other ponies for sale as well, but they are a little fiestier. (Maple & Lady).
Thank you for your help. Snickers sounds lovely but a bit big for my 5yr.old granddaughter. I will visit your web site and see your horses page.
Thanks again
Hello and greetings.
I think that 13.3h would be a bit big. I think a smaller pony will give her more confidence. Thank you for thinking of me.
Hi, Maureen:

The only pony I know of right now is in BC. He's an FEI Pony class winner, very well schooled, cute, kind, and dependable. I don't know the price at the moment, but you can try e-mailing Margaret Bell at "natalieebell@hotmail.com" and find out. He's very good in hack classes as well. His barn name is Doc and his show name is Sub Zero.

I hope you find a pony!
Thank you for responding Jan.
I live in Ontario so BC would be a bit of a commute, although it is my wish to visit there someday. My granddaughter is only 5 yrs. old... not quite ready for the show ground. All we need is a gently little soul who is willing to help teach her how to ride and develop horse-care skills safely. In return he/she will be well loved and cared for.
Good luck in your search!
Thank you Dorothy. I think I need all the luck I can get.


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