This is a newborn offspring of Taskin, Gypsy Stallion owned by Villa Vanners that was born on April 6/09. the photos were taken immediately after the birth.
I came across them and wanted to share them, because they are so precious!

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I think your picture is wonderful the first time I have seen a mare and foal in this position Anne
awe thanks for sharing. Soooo sweet
Thanks for sharing - truely amazing shots
thank you for shaing this emotion!!!! tey're lovely
These pictures really sooth my soul. Thanks for posting them. Very awesome!!
Hope you framed them!!!!
That is waaayy to cute.
Hi Katherine, Thank you very much for posting these wonderful images. They are very moving and beautiful.
Kindest regards, Liz Daly.
They are so adorable! That last one is the best!
These are pictures that need to be remembered forever.
Nora's video reminded me how unbelievably heart-melting these are!
Adorable! They are beautiful! :)


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