Hi there,

First of all, if you have already voted - thank you so much! And please just disregard this request smile

I have entered two photos in a contest - would you be willing to vote for either one or both of these pictures? The first place photo in this contest will actually be used for Christmas cards, and the proceeds from these cards will go to a local horse rescue (Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue). The voting ends on January 30th at midnight. Right now it is a very close race, so we need your help please!

To vote for either or both photos, all you have to do is click on the link(s) below, click on "comment", enter your name, email address, and the word "VOTE" under the comments. And please ask your friends to vote too!! smile. You are allowed to vote on as many photos as you wish – but you can only vote once for each individual photo.

Here is the first photo: (from our new little hobby farm, showing the two Belgians and one of the thoroughbreds enjoying a day in the snow).


And here is the second photo: (this one is of my very first pony Kellie - on a frosty winter night after we brought her inside).


If for some reason the above links only take you to the main photo album and not the individual photos themselves, the one photo is on page 2, 4th row, last picture on that row. It is of 3 horses; 2 Belgians and a thoroughbred that is wearing a blue blanket. the second photo is on the last page, and its the second last photo - a frosty bay horse standing in a barn with a light behind her.

Here is the link to the entire photo album:


Thanks so much everyone!!!

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Just 28 hours left now - please take a few minutes to vote!!!  We are very close to winning this :)


Please and thank you!!!

Thank you to anyone who took the time to vote for my photos!  I really appreciate it :).  The one photo with the two Belgians and the thoroughbred came in second place, and the other photo with the frosty pony came in third.  Thanks again!!! :) :)
Congratulations, Candace! :) I was wondering how this turned out for you!


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