I know I'm not the only one who's "in foal" right now. I'm unfortunately on bed rest but I'd like to know about other's experiences in riding while pregnant, ups and downs, benefits and risks. I rode in my early pregnancy and it actually felt really good. I hope getting back in the tack afterwards isn't too hard!

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I rode til I was 5 months along and then my doctor told me to quit because my center of balance was changing. I would have gone on riding longer, but my husband threw a fit and made me stop. I started riding again when my baby was 8 weeks old and it was such a great way to relieve stress!
I honestly don't know if I can wait another 8 weeks after she's out!! lol I had to quit at 4 months, and was only riding on the rare occasion before that. I'm just itching to get back in the tack!!
I had put a post on another forum with similar questions when I was pregnant last winter. You will get all kinds of answers. My Fiance was not too keen on me riding while preg though.

Most responses I got were to either be really careful, some women would not at all, saying not worth the risk, and others rode as long as they felt comfortable enough, almost to the end. I personally would not go on a hack with my horse, since he's too twitchy off the property, otherwise, I did continue riding and taking lessons. Unfortunately I lost my pregnancy at 3 months, unrelated to riding. Not really sure why, just didn't make it (easier to talk about it now, than a year ago!).

Anyway, I think as long as you are careful about everything, and can feel and trust your horse, and avoid any dangerous situations, you could continue to ride. Unless your Dr says otherwise, which I guess he has. Some people are able to get back on pretty soon after delivery, and others were not, depends on the aspects of the delivery that can effect your comfort level.

Just not getting to ride this winter due to iceyness is driving me insane! I think we're addicts. :)
Anky an Grunsven competed at the 2006 world championchip with 3 month preg. It worked out fine, but I think she wouldn't encourage you to take the risk another time.


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