If you could ask a reining trainer any question...what would that question be?

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What's the basic philosiphy behind it? I do eventing and have always been interested in reining...
Good question Jackie....I'm hoping to get a few responses from this discussion....we are trying to attract more reiners to Barnmice.... we will have some knowledgeable reining trainers joining us and they will be answering all of our questions....

Keep the questions coming as they will become part of a series.....
I am also interested in the basics. What are the first things you teach the horse? Is it only Quarter Horses that do reining?
Great Andrea...I will add that to my list. I can tell you that it's not only the Quarter Horse that competes in reining....any breed, even a grade horse can compete. You apply to the National Reining Horse Assoc. for a competition license. It's a one time application and the license stays with the horse regardless of owner.....as long as the horse has this license, they can compete. Paints are very common in the reining world as well as Appaloosas and arabs have been known to compete as well.

I will add you questions to my list and notify you once these trainers are in place and answering the questions.....

Keep them coming...thanks everyone!!


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