Response to Amanda's Request for a Luc Childeric Dressage Saddle

Hi to Amanda! I have a 17.5 DAC medium tree that is used and in very good condition. I had it evaluated recently and similar models are going for around 2,000 $US. I found out that it does not fit my horse properly (he needs a wide tree) so I am looking to sell it so I can purchase a replacement. I am also looking for a used DAC, 18 with a wide tree, because I like my current saddle so much. I am very disappointed that it doesn't fit my horse. I bought it based on the name and experience riding in a friend's before I knew much about saddle fitting. Are you still looking for a saddle, or have you already found one? I live in southern New Hampshire in the US.

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Hi Karen,

Yes sorry I finally found one after a long search in British Columbia Canada. Are you still looking for a 18 wide childeric? There is a site called in Ontario Canada, that has a lot of used childerics at a decent price.

Hi Amanda,
Thanks for letting me know! I am taking some time off from a saddle search because my horse is going on lease for the winter, but I appreciate the advice, since I love the saddle and will likely be looking again in the spring. I am glad you found the saddle you needed! Warm regards and thanks again, Karen
Hi Karen,

No problem at all. I know how difficult it was to find one myself. I really just happened on it. Goodluck in your search when you start again.


Amanda :)
Hi Karen, just found this post while looking for a Childeric DAC. Just wondering if you still have the saddle, I realize this was posted a long time ago. Let me know!
- Natasha

Hi Natasha,

I did end up selling it in December. I thought I had posted that, but I guess I didn't because I can't find the thread! Amanda mentioned a site in Canada that might be helpful above. Good luck with your search, Karen

The site still has a lot of used Childeric's, When I ended up getting my saddle, I literally just searched on google and found one and talked over the phone with the lady who said if it was not sastifactory I could always send it back and I love it to this day!


So just look around online if you are find the prices to expensive etc.



I'll try that, thanks for the advice Amanda and Karen! This saddle thing is so difficult!

- Natasha


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