Do you have fabulous photos of your horse - or you and your horse?


We want to use them for a secret project we have coming up in March!


We are specifically looking for photos that represent a discipline, an aspect of horse life that you love, or the themes of friendship among riders, and, of course, your friendship with your horse!


Although it is hard to choose, please try to limit your photos to one or two of your favorites!



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So, the first one is my 10 yr old CWB gelding and me.. and the other two are my 2yr old Oldenburg gelding..

me at Spruce Meadows.. heights to aspire to, the record height for the ATCO six bar. 2.12M

My first horse, HH Windwalker







Hope you like!

Hi This is Tiocfaidh Ar La-- better known as Che, in harness as a young three year old at First Line Training Center, one is of my husband and 'his' horse both with smiles on their faces, and the other is a silloette that was taken quite by accident, as the sun had just changed positions on me.  I love that Che's feet are al four in air.

The guidlines suggested that showing some sort of disipline would be appropriate, and as of now we are training him for racing, and the photo of Joe and Che show the love between man and horse.

Deb McDaid

Tiocfaidh Ar La Racing and Eventing Stable


This is Itchy, Pinnaroo Jones is his show name, bit of an action hero type name. I had one called Tintinara Dundee a few years ago ,the second pic is him. Both good mates!


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