Anybody know where you can get an adhesive to stick on the bottom of your boots

to create some friction and make them less prone to sliding in the stirrups? (yeah, I know try

keeping you heels down!)  I've heard you can get something like that for western boots

but I just can find anything anywhere! Anybody???

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Deborah, I'll make this our featured riding tip on Monday to see if we can get you some help with this. I can't think of anything off-hand, and I've certainly had that problem!
Thanks! Love being part of this community :)
if you compete I would look for a coach to help you out with that problem, because in competition I believe it is a disqualifier to have something as an adhesive. If the stirrup is slipping off the boot, try new pads in your irons, try these "cheese graters", or sand paper pads. Here is a website I use to get all my tack:

you may also want to shorten your leathers. Another thing is that I wouldn't actually "fix" the boot as more of the stirrup pad. Its a safety feature for the boot to be slippery so your foot doesn't get caught in the stirrup if you get thrown off, or fall off etc etc. I have heard of people vet wrapping the iron as a cheap alternative to see if they need grip or if its something else. Hopefully that works. The pads I sent links to will also wear down the sole of the boot and probably eventually give more grip to a new boot.

also your pads you have now maybe old and worn and it could be just as easily a mainteneace problem.
Hi, Deborah:

You can't use adhesive, but I do have a couple of ideas:

1. I get the cobbler to put soft rubber soles on my riding boots (yes, western boots too), which are much less slippery than the leather soles they come with, and they're legal too. It's not expensive, and prolongs the life of your boots; or

2. Depending on your discipline(s), you might want to consider the new magnetic stirrup irons the jumper riders are using now. There's a plate which you have put into your boot sole by the cobbler, and it sticks magnetically to the stirrups, and voila! No more lost stirrups. I thought they'd be great for para riders, so I checked into them. I don't know yet if there's a western version, or if it's legal, you'd have to check with the tack shops and a steward.


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