Someone made a comment to me the other day regarding the number of saddle pads I own. When I stop to think about it, I must own at least 15 different saddle pads -- two sheepskin dressage pads (one black; one white); two white dressage show pads; my baroque pad in black and gold; three other dressage pads in varying colours; and then about six pads for my flat/jumping saddle. Yup ... that's about 15 ... for one horse ... yikes! And for most of those I even have matching polo wraps! :-0

So, what about you? If saddle pads aren't your weakness, which piece of equipment in your tack collection just seems to duplicate itself beyond your comprehension? There's probably something ... ;-)

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Well , I just went and counted them, 43!!! We do own 12 horses, so I suppose that's not to bad. I also seem to collect bits, 45 at last count.
Let's see ... 43 divided by 12 -- according to my calculator that's 3.5833333333333 saddlepads per horse. That's ".58333333333333" pad must look really interesting. Got a photo? ;-) And 45 bits ... now that's impressive! Can you name them all? I have only one! A french-link loose-ring snaffle. :-)

Thanks for sharing. So, glad I'm not the only one on the planet with a tack trunk that grows like topsy! ;-)
I just counted and I have about 15 for one horse, too! It's crazy! lol
Now that you mention it, I own quite a few horse pads. They change with my mood. Quirky, colorful plain dressage, jumper and holiday. While I keep the same saddle, my pads change. In addition, my horse has about 7 different colored halters.
I only own 3 saddle pads, but I am also a student so lack money for tack. If I had money I am sure I would have more since I have some already picked out for when I have a horse.
11 saddle pads and one horse!! It's amazing how they add up isn't it? My huge downfall is rugs though - approx 14 or so!! Eek! Also 3 saddles... Don't tell the other half - he'll go spare!! :-)
Yup, I have three saddles as well ... my old Passier dressage saddle is on loan to the riding school so it at least gets used. It's for sale ... anyone looking? I'm up to five rugs to cover all weather conditions here in a southern Ontario winter, and need to buy a new cooler because the other one got shredded on the door latch. And because I don't have a spare my horse has had to go without. :-( (Fortunately the weather is warming up.) So, you know what that means ... I'll be buying two coolers ... an heir and a spare ... bringing the total number of blankets to seven ... oh, and a quarter sheet ... so, seven and a half ... all for one horse. He's almost better dressed than I am!!!!! Lucky boy!
I just have 1, I don'y compete or anything and I just have 1 horse. I don't see any reason in having any more. I just keep the one that I have in top condition. As for bits, I don't have any! I ride my horse in a hackamore. We will move to a bridle one day. But not just yet.
Love horses, love life!
well, I just counted and i own.........9 saddle pads, FOR 1 PONY!!!

ok I lease a horse and still have 3 saddle pads and 3 sets of polos to match (which I made as the horse is a Clydesdale and they need to be extra long) only one bit...but had to be special ordered 6.5 " full cheek snaffle.
Oh and girth and bridle as well. LOL
Gosh - glad to see I am not the only one. I run a small riding school and I am a freak about using a clean pad every time you ride - I made 12 new ones of the winter so added to the ones I already owned, I totalled 63. I try to have 3 per saddle so with 9 saddles that does not make any sense but, the fabric was a good buy at Fabricland and the new pink ones look so nice on the girl ponies. Bits..........kinda have alot of them as well. Not as many as pads but did count 32 - I seem to be collecting them but when you are in the training business, you always seem to need a new bit. I did some house cleaning of my tack room a few weeks ago and sold 6 bridles and two bits that I could part with. Now blankets - that is also a number my husband really has no idea on - got to have a complete wardrobe for each - I have 12 with one on lease so I don't count him but each one has three blankets minimum - I am working on sewing each pony a rain sheet plus I have cotton fly sheets for 5 of them and 3 of them have their own wool show coolers. Gosh - compare that to the number of jeans I own - something is definetly wrong with this picutre - or is it?
Andrea ... you're a kindred spirit!!!! Except I wish I could sew my own horse clothing (but who has time?) I'm a "freak" about using clean everything too, so my polos get washed (at home in the regular family washing machine :-( ) after every use, especially the white ones. I want my boy to look spiffy out there. :-) Besides ... to my way of thinking the way we present ourselves to the world is a reflection of who we are, on any given day. No matter how I'm feeling, I always want Bear to look good and, dare I say it, I do what I can to make sure that whatever I'm wearing does not clash with his wardrobe. (Okay, this is starting to sound a little "out there," isn't it?) But, if I'm going to go to the trouble of having him look his best, why wouldn't I turn myself out equally as well? Consequently, if he's all in black -- I'm all in black. If he's wearing his whites, I wear a white polo shirt, etc. I've changed my photo so you can see what I mean -- here we are in lavender -- Bear in polos and me in matching shirt. :-)

It's a throw-off from my fashion days, I'm afraid --co-ordination is king! I guess THAT's why I have soooo many saddle pads! (I love this stream of consciousness thinking ... ;-) )


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