Someone made a comment to me the other day regarding the number of saddle pads I own. When I stop to think about it, I must own at least 15 different saddle pads -- two sheepskin dressage pads (one black; one white); two white dressage show pads; my baroque pad in black and gold; three other dressage pads in varying colours; and then about six pads for my flat/jumping saddle. Yup ... that's about 15 ... for one horse ... yikes! And for most of those I even have matching polo wraps! :-0

So, what about you? If saddle pads aren't your weakness, which piece of equipment in your tack collection just seems to duplicate itself beyond your comprehension? There's probably something ... ;-)

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Okay, so I stopped counting at 25. Thing of it is, most of them are hand loomed western show pads that run between $150 and $350 each. Was too sobering an exercise.
Then, to my shock, I came to understand that I own 12 saddles!
2 sterling silver custom made western show saddles
4 roughout training saddles
1 collectors antique western saddle
3 roping saddles
2 close contact saddles
I hope my wife never reads this thread. In my defence, I'm a trainer. I ride numerous horses every day, each of which has different needs with regards to saddles, be it at home or at a show. Lets not ever review bridles or bits, thanks
Your secret is safe with us ... ;-)
Excellent recycling options!!! You are to be congratulated on your ability to rein in your enthusiasm for accessories. :-)
This calls for another saddle pad!!!!! ;-)
I only own one Saddle Pad, But I am just a student at a riding facility. Mine is blue, and it has a horse and my name on it in the corner!

When I'm older, each of my Horses will probably have a few saddle pads, personally for themselves... =)


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