Stuggling to find Livery? Struggling to find Horse owners?

Hi Guys,

I hope you don't mind me posting on here, I am developing a business connecting great Horse & Livery owners.

Struggling to find decent livery?

Hard to find reliable horse owners?

"coming soon, amazingrazing is a new way of bringing great horse owners & Livery owners together, creating happy horses"

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Here are the top ten goals of amazingrazing;

1. Helping Horse & Livery owners find each other fast.
2. Stamping out Neglect to make happy Healthy Horses.
3. Making happy Horse & Livery owners.
4. Establishing Trust between Horse & Livery owners &
establishing good reputations.
5. Stamping out Bullying & Stealing.
6. Improving communication between Horse & Livery owners.
7. Reducing misunderstandings between Horse & Livery owners.
8. Helping Livery owners to get paid on time.
9. Creating clarity of Livery credentials for Horse owners.
10. Creating clarity of Horse(s) credentials for Livery owners

Kind Regards,


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