Teeth floating more often or less often when the horse gets older?

This may seem like an odd questions, but are you supposed to float your horse's teeth more or less often as they get older? Or do you keep them on the exact same schedule as always (in my horse's case once a year).

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I think its more of a make sure they get done when it needs to be done. Once you are noticing slightly sharper points, or food is being slopper around I would get it done. I think its kind of like farrier work, if they are done regularly then there usually isn't that much work, but if you let them get bad then it will take a coupld good visits before they can go to regular work. I would get a vet check every year (just like people and getting a yearly), but if vet sees no problem in teeth then no worries.
I get my old mare (31 years old) done every 2 years since she is 23, the teeths seems to grow slower as they get older. Doing her every 2 years seems to work well for her, she is healthy and this is what the Dentist recommended.


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