LOL... that is just a joke sort of... I have to get his sheath cleaned.... and I am the cleaner. It's sort of swollen and hot.... he is very protective of his thangy.... so slowly but surely I gotta get in there.... he lets me do it though... so considering he is a young wild horse, I am glad he lets me get close enough to tend to him... and that is saying alot for us... he won't usually let anyone else get close enough.

I think I need a hose on it too.... but this will come... probably by Tuesday I'll have it under control... he is really funny about water.. one splash from ahose say, or a rain drop and he's ready to drop and roll.

This morning I rubbed the excalibur in it and used some water with my hand and glove. He thought the water in his small food bucket that I used was for him and he was so cute playing with the water and then looking at me... I think he feels better today (this would only make sense to those on Jackie's thread, "am I old fashioned:) .... Lydia did some long distance reiki on him and all your good energy that you guys sent too is coming his way....

he swishes his tail up and down, he's rubbing his tail and it appears swollen so I know it's bugging him...

my husband has to leave for work before I work on my horse.... :0 he might not understand.


Oh, I'm singing the sheath cleaning song. :)

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Hi Jennifer, I have a horse with the same problem at the moment!! Baby shampoo, as it is quite mild. Don't leave it in though, make sure you wash it all out. Oh , and there is a product called Willy wash!!! LOL don't know if you can get it in the States? Have fun!!!!
Dang it Geoffrey, he won't let me touch it now.... :( I've tried a few things and he's avoiding me.... darn.... usually he is a bit easier... I asked my trainer to come by this weekend to help me.. maybe he can hold him. I use Excalibur, which is a cool and green solvent that is made for this type of thing... last night I tried to get close to him and he pushed me away with his head.... he is actually a nice horse.. I'm sure another horse coulda given me a face full of hoof... even if I tie him he moves around, LOL.... and I'd love to hose it off.... is there any other reason why it could be swollen and hot? Over the last 4 years I've cleaned it many times...

Good luck with your horse geoffrey!!
You might have to get someone to hold a front leg up, or just squirt the hose up there to give it a good rinse out.. I haven't heard of Excalibur? ( bit of a play on words, sword!!) now I'M JUST BEING NAUGHTY LOL. Interesting fact, the stuff that accumulates in the sheath( dirt, sweat, wee) is called SMEGMA. Also it's better to wait until the horse drops his penis out then grab the end and give it a clean with mild soap and water. There are quite a lot of bacteria that live on the skin of the penis and if you clean it to much this can cause serious infection.
dontcha just learn something new all the time??? even this stupid little thead..... I swear, the thing was so swollen and hot it looked like the size of a small graperfruit or a large orange. I am convinced that he was bit or stung now..... :) I bet I can touch it and clean it in a day or two.... :) false alarm maybe.... it was so stretched that the skin is peeling off.. duh.... and I thought it was from it being dirty and needing to be cleaned.....
Oh, if they could talk and let us know when they experience pain.
physically, he was letting me know.. he just wouldn't let me help him.. stubborn wild pony. :)


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