Hey guys!! Just wondering the breed of your horse. Cheers

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I don't have any horses now. I've owned one Anglo/Arab (my first horse), 5 Arabs, two other part-Arabs, a Paso Fino, and a POA. As you may have noticed I LOVE Arabs.
Cool beans. My pony has a bit of Arab in her:)

I have Mutts, yay for the Mutt club.. my white, (gray) horse is grade... goodness knows what he is, with a roman nose, my other horse is a wild horse, of Shoshone indian blood, thought to be a spanish mustang... :)
Yes! Yay for the Mutt club indeed!
one paint, and one quarter horse..I love arabs, but I just got introduced to the paint breed with my new horse and I am in love.
your paint is gorgeous!
Pure paint named Dots. =) She's the one in my profile picture. I suppose I should be taking updated pictures of her soon.
I have two horses; one is a Standarbred (retired from racing and re-trained under saddle); she is a wonderful girl; my other horse is a QH/Morgan cross (you can see her picture in the photo section - SweetHeart); she has a lot of personality and can get into mischief if she is not kept occupied with something new and interesting to do. I am one lucky horseowner!
One is a Morgan/Quarter horse and the other is a mutt. I'm thinking there's some Arabian, some kinda pony, and maybe some Morgan in her.
I have two appy x QH mares named Miagh and Luna, both are nine years old and my first horses! I love them so much!
I have 6 miniature horses, an appaloosa, a thoroughbred, a paint, and another paint, but we think she might also be part arab, not sure.


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