What do you look for in a good Hunter / Jumper Horse?

Conformation, attitude, ability jumping hight ect... What do YOU look for in a good h/j horse?

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i agree the attitude is a must, Pushing a lazy horse is fusterating and exosting, but it builds muscle!!
I like snappy knees and definitely a horse with some personality and that has a some pizazz! I love little fireballs. ;)
You mean like Hot horses? I like them to when I can channel there energy, they are quite the jumpers.
is it a problem for a jumping horse to paddle?
Depends on a few things..

Is the horse for resale, is it to be an amateur's horse, or more of a professional's mount.

Good conformation, short back, short coupled, nice neck. Straight through the leg, but not too straight.

Attitude, I prefer a bit of a "egotistical" horse. A horse with a bit of a personality and self respect tends to perform better. I love mares, many don't.

The average sales horse is a 3'0.

As for the question about paddling, no it's not a problem given the horse lands evenly on the foot through the leg when bearing weight.
Uphill, big stride, little hot/little spooky, good joint angles, good work ethic, stallions or geldings, lighter boned warmbloods w a bit of TB in them are my favorite, and of course something that looks nice going through the chute!
i agree with the first 2 replys :)
i mean last 2
I would go for a horse who loves to jump but is easy to keep under control, doesn't spook as much, has a bit of an attitude cause thats always fun!! lotsa Energy, good conformation obviously lol good striding can do his/her flying lead changes and if not you can always work on that :) and of course a showy horse :)

horse breeds i would sugest would be
- hanoverian
- TB
- Warmblood
- trek
ect :)

hope I helped :)


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