Does anyone else out there have a horse-related business? What is your business?

Personally, I am finally getting my photography and graphic design dreams put into motion! :) No official name or site yet, but I am curious how everyone else with a horse business decided on what they do!

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Hello again friends!

Previously in this thread I shared Cheval Amour, a small clothing label offering equestrian inspired designs in eco-friendly materials. 

My own equine-related business is about facilitating teachers, trainers, practitioners and horses to greater pragmatic communication, understanding, wellness and harmony. I've written a book called Listen Like A Horse: Relationships Without Dominance to guide people into a different awareness of our connection with horses. You can find it on Amazon.

To listen like a horse is to listen without judgment. Most of us were raised on a steady diet of judgment and to be without it may seem impossible. Long ago I asked the horses directly, "How do you do it? How do you keep giving to people when they might hurt you or ignore you?" And over years, the wisdom I was shown, the wisdom that was communicated to me distilled into one concept - the absence of judgment. Horses do not judge. And I knew at that time that humans can be that for each other as well. 

So, I wrote a book and walked through whatever I had to walk through so that I can share this with people in a way that does actually benefit horses as well. 

I do communication sessions, hands-on and distance energetic work, I teach and I speak internationally to other facilitators so that together we can all raise the consciousness of humanity and live in a collective kindness with all species. 

My website is


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