Real experiences only please. I was wondering if anybody has owned, trained or bred appendix horses? Temperament, conformation, ability to jump and other english events. I might be getting one, so just want some info on the breed.


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The noble charcteristics of the American Quarter Horse, combined with the athleticism and conformational soundness in the Thouroughbred make for a fantastic cross. Not to mention all the color possibilities inherent to the QH breed.

Dont forget that the original Quarter Horses were basically American Thoroughbreds, as time and their jobs evolved so did theyre physical attributes but the occasinal TB cross can only invigorate the breed.

There are those who belive only "pure" QH's should be bred, (I suppose pure meaning foundation) but the very first registered QH, Wimpy was in fact 100% TB. The truth is considerable amounts of TB are the foundation for the breed, and in modern times continue to enter the breeding population through the Appendix program


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