Hi all


I was just wondering what kind of natural horsemanship is better for a begginer like me. I don't know if I should do the Parelli way or the Monty Roberts way.


I have no idea what to choose because I think they are both great ways. I would love to do it before my horse goes to a trainer, but maybe she would get confused????


So could someone please lend me a hand and tell which is better for me as a begginer ??


Sorry if I have confused you lol.......


Thanx have a great day :)

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hello Krystal
You have gotten a lot of responses and by now I am sure you are both happy about that as well as a little confused. What trainer to get depends on what you are trying to accomplish, and it also depends where you and your horse are at. I think you should see what is avaiable close by you, is there a trainer there that you could get help from? I suggest you watch them working with other horses first to see if you like what you see and if that trainer seems like someone you can get along with. It doesn't have to be someone well known:)

A little hands on help is important on the beginning, watch some clinics if you get the chance, and deside if this is someone you want to bring your horse to. Books and videos are good tools, however some personal instruction is important. Meanwhile, spend time with your horse and get to know each other, and last but not least, enjoy each other:)

Hi Krystal,

interessting topic, i think when you study the different horsemanship methods and look at your horse you will find your way. if you horse is happy and want to be with you on his or her free will, you are on a good path.

remember to have fun and take good time

personally i enjoy the carolyn resnick method and you can see some of what kind of horsemanship we do on  the videos and photos in my profile

best of luck and happy new year



i think anyone who uses common sense and tact, care, repetition, and reward is on the right track. i am tired of the nh people who really are in it to make money.  (just my opinion- don't have a cow over it)


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