I started this discussion on the Riding Instructor group and then I saw this discussion forum, so I'm posting it here, too. Here's the question...

If you had to choose 1 or 2 things that are the most important to you when you pick an instructor to ride with , what would they be? Knowledge, name, awards, certification, experience......?

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OK now THAT'S funny. I can live with those kind of jokes at my expense.....
So, I haven't been riding very long, but because I kept buying one lesson a month and ended up with different instructors its let me know what I want in an instructor. What I want in an instructor is basicly the same thing I want in anyone who's teaching me anything, except in this case I can put examples on it.

1. Someone who's patient with me and if I need help tacking up will show me how to tack up and then make me do it myself, and if I need a step repeated show me again...who knew saddles could be so confusing?

2. Someone with a good attitude. They need to be nice and respect me, I don't and won't take an bs from anyone, which includes yelling constantly.

3. Someone whose willing to walk through the route they want me to do, stop at given points and tell me what needs to be done where. And, when I get the hang of that, make it harder.

4. Someone who will correct me when I do something wrong or have trouble with and will keep me at it till I get it.

5. Some one who will motivate and every now and then yell out steps along the route, things to correct or the timings for the posting trot.

Thats basicly what I want in an instructor at this time in life, awards and certifications don't mean much. It will mean more when I get a coach, but even then I want most of the same basic criteria listed above.
Hi Emily
Great post. It sounds like you want a leader who is willing to step back and become an encourager- sounds like good traits to me. When you become more sure of yourself you'll be ready for pressure.

Thanks for a good post


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