Which is better cross training for Equestrians? Pilates or Yoga?

I've done some Pilates, and find it very beneficial.

I've heard good things about both, equestrian wise, but would like to hear other peoples opinions. :)



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I think a bit of both Nat. Pilates for core strength, Yoga for flexablety.

I do both and find it very helpful to keep old bones and muscles up to the job.

Hi, Nat and Geoffrey (it's nice to see you here again, Geoffrey!):

I agree with Geoffrey, a combination of both is probably your best bet.  Most riders need to be much stronger through their trunks, and much more flexible through their hips and legs.  The Pilates really helps with strength, control, muscle isolation, and ambidexterity.  The Yoga addresses flexibility, steadiness, balance, and ambidexterity.  The two complement each other very well for riders. 

Having said that, I need to qualify it:  Both approaches must be practiced at least 3 times per week (each!) to have any beneficial effect...


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