Last night I dreamt that I was riding Mowgli (my horse) and I went down to the beach in the evening to ride there and enjoy myself. Then I saw some other horses and riders (some I knew). We chatted and then one person asked if we should challenge each other in a race. We all agreed. So we rode through a foresty place to an old abandoned but up to shape grass race track. We all lined up and then we raced. We raced four times. The first time I came 3rd, then 2cnd, then 2cnd last, then 1rst! I think that dream means I should gallop him soon, Mo and I have a really strong connection so if he was perhaps longing to gallop which would make sense seeing he's an ex-race horse, maybe I could be "sensing" that. Plus I was thinking about galloping him. But he's really fast which is pretty scary but really cool afterwards. I've only galloped him once. Do you guys think I should gallop him when I go to the beach? I mean, he already has an injury from his racing days so I don't know if I should? What do you guys think?

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That picture is of my boy. He's the dark bay in the front. His name was Hlongwane then. That's the day he won and retired. If you look closely his left hind is a bit swolen. That's his wound.

He looks fast in that picture!!! I think that if you had a dream of galloping on the beach then thats telling you that you should.


Thanx! :)

I'll tell you when, not if, I do! :) :) :)

Wish me luck!


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