I rescued a bat, he almost drowned in our water-trough so we{ me and my mum and Ian} put him onto a branch and let him dry out and by the time we got back from our ride he had flowen off into the apricot tree so we called him Battler!!


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I rescued a raccoon last night. It was stuck at the bottom of my garbage can at the side of my house and screaming at midnight. I took a long stick and tipped over the can and the little thing when on its merry way! :)
My family's rescued feral kittens on four seperate occasions. First we found a kitten in our neighborhood and kept her, then we found a litter of two in my cousin's neighborhood and kept them but unfortunately one ended up dying a year later of a blood clot in his heart :(, so then we bought a kitten as a friend for the other one, but a year later we found another litter of three in my cousin's neighborhood and kept one of them, then a week ago we found a kitten at our park and we're taking care of it untill we find her a good home. Whooh! Quite the history. It seems we attract cats! lol
We saved some baby chipmunks last summer when there mother died. We try and save as many animals as we can.
OMG!! Sorry but as far as I am consired a Chirpmonk or a raccoon or anything like that
Just seems to like only be in movies where as I guess it is normal for you ladies!!

Most of the things I could save didn't make it before I got there.... but once I got a bunny out of the water bucket... I wish I had saved him but he died later... the only animal I have truly rescued was a dog that was about 15 at the shelter, abused and dumped by his owner..... he was a sheltie..... I had him for almost a year before he died... I was so happy to have had him in a place where he was loved at the end of his life considering he was just dumped at the shetler,


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