Alright so I had an Arabian who had been abused. At first she was nervous, flightly, and agressive around adults. I was mesmerized by her at first, but I also was terified of her. She was a huge horse, way to big to be pure blood Arab. I would sit in front of her stall speaking softly. She would stand there starring at me warrily. I always left part of an orange in her feed bucket before I left. As time went she started to relax around me. Well it was time to worm the horses, and as you can imagine that wasn't pretty. My mom had no idea that I was working with Mona.( which was the horses name.) Mom had told me never to go near Mona. She was afraid of Mona. I was not. Papa cliped a lead rope on Mona's head.( After a several min. power struggle.) He tried to give Mona the wormer, but Mona didn't like it. She reared in her stall and broke the lead rope's metal clip clean off. Her stall wasn't shut all the way and she charged out. My parents stood there stuned. I quietly slipped away and calmly persued Mona calmly. It was time to put the work I had done with Mona to the test. I aproched Mona slowly and spoke to her softly the way I had been for about a month. She put her head down and let me aprotch her. I came up on her side and stroked her neck. I could feel her muscles relax, and I bent over and grabed her halter. I then tugged on the halter and she lifted up her head for me. I was thrilled! I started to walk forward and she came. When I reached the barn mom saw me and nearly fainted. I walked Mona into her stall, and grabed the wormer off the floor. I spoke to her softly while giving her the wormer. She grudingly let me. I was amazed!! That was just the begining of our adventures, Mona and me.

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Many ppl dont understand that arabs are a spunky sort. My mare is the same she is half quarter horse, she was an unwanted breeding between a prize QH stud and an arab mare who for some brilliant reason were pastured right next to each other the mare came into heat and well the fence didnt stand a chance. SO this little mare was then in foal in an unwanted breeding. Taylor went thru some serious drama before I got her and the ppl where I got her from told me that I would never be able to put kids on her or trust her. Well I am one to take a challenge and make something awesome sooo I started riding her come to find out she hates a whip, doesnt like to be lounged on a line and has super sensitive sides from being spurred. So natural horsemanship it is for us. My daughter just used her in a costume class for the horses first show my daughters second show and they did great even if they didnt place. The mare is 11 and she loves my kids just keep working with Mona show her she can trust you but you are the boss, when she is nervous be her backbone she will be your best friend forever and would walk thru anything with you. They are great horses and very intuitive.


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