We received a question from one of our HorseJobs.ca members recently that I need your help on.

She asks:

"I was wondering if you would know the average "salary" for a certified EC English Level One Coach would be?  In our strange industry of the horse world this subject is rarely talked about and discussed."


I'd appreciate your feedback and am happy to accept private messages to info@horsejobs.ca for discretion purposes.


Thanks in advance for your time.



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OK, so I replied to this and the reply got lost...

Anyway, I think the workload would have a lot to do with it. Here in BC most of us charge by the lesson, or charge a daily rate for clinics, but I don't know anyone who's on a "salary", with the exception of the Para NTC.

The certification level is not terribly indicative of the coach's ability or work ethic. Some of our worst, and laziest, coaches are L3's, and some of our best are not certified at all, so that doesn't really figure into it for me.
Ahh yes, the certification debate! That's a whole new topic. LOL
Thanks for your input Jan. I think she is looking for an idea of earnings potential but there are a LOT of things to factor into it.

Can you give me an example of your lesson fees (private/group) or daily rates for clinics? Thanks
Hi, Sarah:

Some of the earninig potential depends on her skill set and commitment, and her ability to sell herself as a good coach and then keep her clients progressing and happy. Some of that potential also depends on her location within the country, and the availability of other coaches in her area.

I live in the interior of BC, and there is very little going on here through the late fall, winter, and early spring. Most people do not have access to indoor arenas, and keep their horses at home. That means that if my earnings and clientele were locally based I would starve in the winter. It would also be more difficult if I was based in BC's Lower Mainland, as there are many many coaches, and not so many clients to go around, and I'd have to pay percentages to the barns in which I taught. Fortunately at home, I have my own arena, and most of my clients haul in, so what I make is my own.

In order to supplement that seasonal income I teach a LOT of clinics at various locations throughout BC and Alberta. My at home rate for private 45 minute lessons is $70. If I travel to teach lessons the rate is $80, which covers my travel time and my fuel. I do work to schedule several lessons within a block of time when travelling within my immediate area, so as to minimze travel time and costs. I am usually billeted when I'm teaching clinics, and prefer that to hotels, in the main. Flight costs, transfers, etc. are the responsibility of the organizer/attendees.

My fees are certainly high in BC, but they are not low. While I have used daily rates for clinics, and organize clinics with offshore coaches who demand daily rates, I have found that to be somewhat punitive for organizers. Weather issues can make getting to lessons impossible and dangerous. Two years ago I had to cancel a clinic with a coach from Holland as the planes couldn't land in Vancouver, and the temperatures here had dropped to -30. We had feet of snow, the highways were closed, and I had to foot the bill for the pre-paid airfare ($1100). I've had to pay daily rates to clinicians when the clinic had to be cancelled due to unsafe driving conditions, and I don't think that's fair for anyone. What I do with my clinic clients is charge the $80 rate per lesson taught (maximum 8 per day, and minimum 5 per day), with a $40 cancellation fee if the individual doesn't find a suitable horse/rider to fill their spot should they not be able to honour their commitment. That way I am paid for what I do, and the clinic organizer is not left holding the bag if I can't get there to teach the clinic.

I don't ever teach group lessons, although I think they have their place. Certainly they are less expensive for beginners, and many of them need supervised saddle time, rather than intense lessons. I am currently an LII dressage coach, but I coach regularly through Grand Prix. I don't advertise in any way except by word of mouth, but my schedule's full and I have great clients who just keep coming back, so I must be doing the job properly.

I hope this helps!
It also depends on where you live as stated below.  I live in the middle of nowhere.  (or so it seems)  Interior BC.  My rates are also per lesson. I have lesson prices set up on a per lesson basis or a package of 10 lessons (get 11th free)  It is easier for me and the students if they can come on a regular basis.  This makes their learning quicker and my lesson plans easier.  I only charge $35.00 per private lesson or $25.00 per person in a group.  These prices are on my horses.  I give discounts for clients on their own horses.  If people saw the prices of lessons on the coast (BC), they might have heart attacks.  :)  I am a level 1 English and Western.


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