I have decided to paint A Mule A Day.  Today will be my 8th mule.  I have had some good feedback from doing this so I will continue for a while.  It may be a month or even a year, so who knows  as there is basically no time limit.  If you want to see them go to http://mule-a-day-paintings.blogspot.com  The attached is my favorite so far.....


I started out small and sketchy, but am reverting back to my usual details.  Have to get back to basics as they are beginning to take too much time.  The first day it didn't show up in a search on Google, but last night I was on the second page after only 7 mules posted.  My goal is to be on the first page, muahahaha.


If you want to see them as they develop, add yourself to the Followers on the blog and you will be updated as they are posted.





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Awesum pics! :)


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