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Things to teach (Idea's page) 3 Replies

Heres a list  of things I put down in a notebook when I first got Navara, things I wanted to teach and games I wanted to play. I can happily tick many of them off now. Feel free to add your own.Come…Continue

Started by Ayesha. Last reply by Ayesha Jan 31, 2013.

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Comment by Jennifer Lamm on February 2, 2013 at 13:27

I would let him run all over my property loose except for the oleander... silly horse will eat it, I don't know why.

Comment by Jennifer Lamm on February 2, 2013 at 13:18

pictured below is my lovely quarter arab horse Toby Keith Urban.  he is my first horse and he is 31 years old now.  My trainer, Steve Boyles extraordinaire, introduced me to liberty work in 2004 and look at my Toby... he follows me everwhere and loves liberty work... I rode him for four years and retired him from saddle riding in 2008.... but we play daily and his health is impeccable... his trust level is so much higher than when I met him and he hid in a corner with his butt to me and I cried like a baby till I met Steve.... now it's just all about our relationship.. isn't he dreamy?  <3


Comment by Jennifer Lamm on February 2, 2013 at 13:16

Comment by Ayesha on January 31, 2013 at 13:12

Hhahah fantastic Jennifer!

Comment by Jennifer Lamm on January 29, 2013 at 13:39

The coolest thing about my liberty work so far was when the gate was open and my horses got out a few months ago.... someone was chasing them once they got out and had pushed them about mile or more from the house and they were sort of heading for the hills.. I was very afraid..... they came right to me when I got out of the car... pshu..... if I had relied on tack all those years who knows if I would have gotten them, or if they hadn't always been rewarded for coming to me, or if they secretly were wishing to be free of me all this time.. instead they both called at the top of their lungs and came right over in front of the gathering neighbors.... even my husband was slightly impressed....

Comment by Jennifer Lamm on January 29, 2013 at 13:08

Comment by Shirley on January 29, 2013 at 12:29

Oh to think of when I used to get bored....Sure none of that anymore! There's so much to do....I mean interesting things to investigate and spend time with. At the moment there's only like 4 immediate things I'd like to be look at *Including Ayesha's Idea page. I have a lesson planned shortly so I can't look now.
I did see that Nirvana and Ayesha are doing just what I was talking about with the Liberty back up. Last night was the first time it ever struck me to move around while he was doing this to see what he'd do and what a treat when he curves and moves right for me like you've demonstrated in your video.So yu have given me the idea of how we can expand this. Cash seems to think this is vry fun to do and I'm not sure the horsey logic behind this. I have never seen one horse do this to another in the pasture. Horses never seem to amaze.
Jennifer, Glad to hear you are still having lots of fun with your horses. I do have several videos posted on YOUTube under CShirleyC if anyone wants to peak what our play. None are very recent....newest is maybe a year old. I think there is a confidence clinic video. What huge fun & so progressive from where we've been. Cash loved the activity and seems to soak up the energy (in a good way).
Fear is such a horrible thing. It is so debilitating. To just sort of go into a panic freeze with my horse that I love so much just sucks. And then to see it effect him and cause him to get anxious and jumpy just puts a crack in my heart. And hoping it doesn't put a big crack in the rest of my body.
Getting off the topic again.
You all have some great horsey time! Cheers!!

Comment by Jennifer Lamm on January 29, 2013 at 11:30

Hey Gals, love the comments... !!  Thank you for responding to my question.....


My horse is very lazy... "(  so sometimes he is into this and sometimes he isn't..... and we are not nearly as far along because of it...... I use a combination of training techniques... pony boy says step one is to walk, trot, canter one way, stop and then go the other way, at liberty, so we are working on that... my horse is super lazy.. if I can get him to do anything, it's a miracle..   liberty at least gives both of us an opportunity to be honest with each other..... if he's not into it he leaves.... and I return the favor...  My horses are not dependent on each other per se, but they only have each other.... if the lady in Cavalia with the 9 arabs can work more than one horse at a time, then I guess I can too... most of the time I'm playing with both of them simultaneously, or at least one is watching while the other is trying..... we have a log to walk over, a puddle to go through, barrels to go over, cones, and we built a bridge last week but haven't tried it yet.... I think my bigget thrills were when Oliver jogged up to me the first time without acting like he wouldn't stop, and also when he started jogging by my side.... I want to ride, but I probably just wont.... at least I found something else to do with him..... Your horses are beautiful guys!! The connection is beautiful.... it's very short with Oliver and I cuz he is pretty much willing to blow me off in a hot sec if a blade of grass comes his way.   I started incorporating a clicker this week again and that has really stepped it up...... ")  I wonder if I can load a pic... ")    I call my liberty work dancing with my horse... I got him on a lead line after 6 years..... that was a big breakthrough... I don't have time to go into his back story but my horse is pretty challenged...... ")

Comment by Ayesha on January 29, 2013 at 5:49

Sounds fantastic Shirley. I believe liberty training is definately THE way to train, obviously there are times when you do need to put on the old halter and leadrope but Liberty training gives us all such a fantastic tool to not only teach the horse but to also learn about how we teach and how we can encourage the horse to respond to us without force, it tells you a lot about yourself too, whether your horse embraces the time together or if he wants to wander off, it shows you how you must shape your training to interest the horse and get the best out of him...without restraint a lot is revealed. The video below was back in the summer and the extent of how much Navara listens and angles herself to body language since the summer it has become more and more incredible.

Comment by Shirley on January 29, 2013 at 2:03

Why do I do Liberty?   Good question for all of us.

When I do liberty with my horse successfully is when I feel the most connected with him. When he will follow at my side, walk, trot, stop, back with nothing making him do it, I know he is connected to me. When I stand in front of him, facing him, and I go sideways crossing my legs (like a dance) and he will copy that with front and back legs, I love it. When he will circle me off line at a walk, trot and canter and switch direction & whoa when I ask...WOW! I think he knows we are mentally connecting/communicating. When I got Cash, I never ever dreamed of being able to do anything like this.
The newest thing we've been doing off line is special to me cause he seemed to accidentally come on this and now he just loves it. Too much so probably.  If he is standing still and I stand way behind him and tell him to back he will start backing toward me with big steps and then as he gets closer to me he will make sure he angles himself so he slides right up beside me and then he will stop right beside me. He keeps volunteering to do this when I'm asking him to circle at liberty. So we have our "oh boy" moments and that's okay.
I have dealt with a lot of fear issues in the saddle for the past couple of years but still loved spending time with my horse so the liberty stuff and ground work have helped me stay close and connected with him. I have always been a nervous rider  but something happened a couple years ago that I started going into a sort of panic whenever I got in the saddle and I would tremble all over which was crushing to me cause I've wanted this so much.
We are headed in the right direction and I'm not trembling anymore but am very hesitant and still half expecting him to spook and scare me.
So that's the deal for me & why I love Liberty work. Anything more I add at this point would be off your question.
I do feel fortunate that Cash and his pasture mates aren't dependent on each other. There is two other horses in with him and if one of them comes out the other has a little fit and gets all worried and that is really hard on everyone. There are 15 horses at our boarding facility and these two horses are the only two that do this.One of these horses is new at our place and is barely three and she immediately was buddy tied to this other horse but the other one that does this has done it with one of the horses in her pasture no matter where we moved her. That's way to long a sentence....hope you all were able to follow my thought.


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