As a long-term devotee, I want to thank Monty Roberts for all his work with Mustangs.  I believe he started to obeserve and work with Mustangs in the wild, in the 1940s.  That's a long time and a lot of knowledge.  His concepts evolving over time have been a very big help with my adopted Mustang.  His ideas are what works for me!


This group may not be the appropriate forum for the lollowing, but may be one of you will post the truth.

Recently I was led to believe that Monty Roberts has in the past engaged in not-so-honorable activity with horses.  I was not given any "specifics"; nor was factual proof ever brought forth.  Not even researchable general information surrounding the allegations.


If any member of this group woulld like to clarify ...thank you.


Frank M.   

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