What is it about the Spanish Horse that so captivates us? Looks? Temperament? Movement? Honesty? Athleticism? Please share what you enjoy most about the breed.

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yes, yes, yes, yes, yes to give you the answer to the question you asked above. what is it about this breed...
When I groom and talk to my 'girls' I think they have a special understanding of people. After all the centuries of relationship between people and this breed of horse it must be naturally in-born for them to feel comfortable with us. I think of their gentle disposition and calm demeanour around the barn and other horses and me as a 'knowing' that comes with centuries of that horse and human bond. i love my Quarter horses and my Morgan but maybe the history of the bloodlines and the likeness to the cave drawings of horses that makes me 'honor' the Pura Raza Espanola . I feel honored to have them in my barn, privilged to ride them and so proud to tell anyone they are my horses.


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