The photo on the reiners group is beautiful (although it depicts english discipline). Since reining is a western discipline, perhaps it would be nice to find a photo depicting a reining horse, or western riding, just to make the connection. What do you think? Does anyone have any great photos? Just an idea.
Happy spring!

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I have pictures, I'll get them downloaded
Thanks, will look forward to seeing them.
Where are the pics girls? I need some motivation here!!
Hi, I'm still waiting for Linda's pics. Happen to have a nice mare in professional reining training at the moment. Will try to get a few photos of her tomorrow being worked by the trainer. Might find a good action shot for the site.

So hey Cheryl.... I have a Mustang named Oliver.... he is so crabby with strangers. He won't let anyone near me at all so for awhile now I have hesitated taking him out of my ring out on the trail with other people. my trainer rides him out on the trails... Oliver is only 4 so I am not in a big hurry. Plus I am a wimpo about taking my horses away from each other just because I like the 3 of us to be together.. so here is my question. I just want to get a cool stereo system in my arena, some fun music and play with him for now, eventually putting him through some routines or patterns.... JUST FOR FUN. I do everything JFF.... so it's okay to try and have fun with any horse isn't it? I don't have a fancy reining horse or anything like that. He's purty, but not fancy... and he has long legs, LOL...
Hi Jennifer, Oliver is a handsome fellow. Sounds like a great idea to get some music going to have fun with. If you like having all three of you together you could always consider ponying one horse from the other (after some practice in your ring) on your rides. I do this with all our young horses and it can be a good way for them to learn new skills and get excercise at the same time. Of course you need a pretty steady riding horse to tie off to. Not sure where your other horse is at age and training wise? At any rate music and horses go beautifully together and having fun should always be a part of your horseplay. And I know for a fact how much horses enjoy play...
Let me know how you make out.
Happy riding,
I hope I can pony some day... my older horse Toby, he's 27 and in excellent shape and I know he would love to come.... my horse Oliver, he is a dreamboat but he doesn't like people so he's gotta be a little socialized before I try and manage the two of them by myself... I'm a 4 year rider, not what I would call experienced by any means... but in the thick of practicing. :) Jen
Here are some pictures for you. We just finished our last show of the Ontario Reining Horse Association Year this weekend at Blacks.


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