I have a wonderful Saddlebred named Sonny, and a saddlebred/quarter horse cross who is my soulmate. They truely are the most incredible horses I've ever had the please of knowing and loving

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Very true. One of the things I love most about saddlebreds is the thing that they can do so many different styles.
~Western ~Saddleseat ~BareBack ~Dressage ~
The list goes on and Saddlebreds can do these them. Overall I wonderful and beautiful breed.
I also have a Saddlebre d/Quarter horse cross that I would call my soul mate. I when I found him I was unaware what his breeding was but I said to a friend that he sure looks like a saddlebred. Not long after I was told that he was. I am so happy with him and we are starting to learn dressage together


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