I'm just outside of Edmonton, AB Canada. I'm IN LOVE with standardbreds and am actually wanting to adopt/acquire a STB broodmare. I ADORE the cross with warmblood (my profile picture is my stb/wb cross) and would like to breed another one for myself. I've never found the kind of heart, not to mention the kind of athletic ability and TROT that a standardbred has in any other breed, and I have warmbloods and arabs that are my world!
Should anyone have any information on stb breeders up north here, please let me know.
I'd love to hear about your stb recycling. What is your ex-racer doing with you now?

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Hi: There is a website osas.ca ( ontario standardbred adoption society) that you could look at. Perhaps they have a contact out west.
we run an Ontario standardbred show show series with 22 classes for jumping/dressage/games/pleasure english and western.... this year we had 3 shows next year 5.... people are catching on!

Hi  I am not in your area, or I could def. find you a great mare, there are so many.  My own colt comes from a family of horses that reach 16-17 hands and are super athletic.


I am so happy to hear that you love stbs.  While there is more and more understanding and love for these great horses, many people still have many misconceptions about them and their ability off the track.  You are right that they have great trot, they also are the toughest horses that I have ever known bar none.  I come from a riding background and have experienced most breeds, and the varrying toughness and durability of each.  The stb is the best at standing up to the rigors of hard going.  What other breed do you know that can jogg (at hard rates of speed) everyday for 10 miles in deep sand or on hard ground, then race once or twice a week over super hard tracks-- at high rates of speed??? for 50-60 starts a year??? and stay kind, decent, and loving through it all... stay agile and athletic???  while not all stay sound in such going, no other breed can come close to the toughness of this breed...


I have two horses, both are stbs.  One is to be a eventer, and looks the part.  He has never raced (but we hope to), and the other is a rescue (that I paid 4000 for !!!) and is supposed to pay for the colt until he pays for himself.  Tattoo the older horse is 7, and is a sweet horse that was horribly abused, but his story is not much different than many other stbs... yet he has retained his loving personality... gained by some kindness from us, and this personality grows each day... his elastic heart knows no bounds.  Che is the much loved and spoiled colt who is super breed, looks the part and I am egarly hoping to get ready this year to start showing lightly next year... while he races hopfully early this summer. 


Tattoo is not an exracer... but a loved current racer who we are starting to break to ride.. He is going great, and I think if we can afford to we will keep him for me to ride in small event classes while I get back in shape. 


I'm glad you love your stb cross, good luck, take care from one stb lover to another.


deb mcdaid

She eats carrots, tree trunks and lots of granola bars. She rules the farm and loves everybody.  She is big and fat and happy.  She is 25 this year and goes for a trail ride once a year.  She is happy and all that is expected of her is to take her treats nicely.  Lucky old Gracie!!!


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