Do you have any Standardbred "swag?" Like bumper stickers etc? I'm plotting to adopt an off-track STB in the nearish future, and because I am such a huge fan of the OTTB/OTSTB "movement" lately, I want to sort of "advertise" the possibility of adopting a perfectly sane off the track horse! I think these poor guys (and gals) may have a stigma as being hot or difficult to train (especially pacers and in general, getting them to canter), but I think it's really quite the opposite.

Anyway, do you have some sort of STB swag? I came up with my own, but I'm not sure if non-STB people would get it.. See attached picture... (

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The Ontario Standardbred Show Series has T-shirts with 3 different slogans, "Raise your standards, ride a Standardbred", "Put your ass on some class, ride a Standardbred", and "If it's not a Standardbred it's just another horse", for $15. And bumper stickers with the first two sayings for $5.

We just received a new shipment with some great new colours!

If you want to contact us our website is, hopefully will have photos up soon!!

Hi Renee! Thanks for this advice! I'll check out your website for sure - what a great cause! :)


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