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Another Set of Eyes

Another Set of Eyes

When I got to the barn on Wednesday, Debbie’s daughter, Sam, told me Debbie was sick, but that she would be glad to give me a lesson.  Since a fresh set of eyes can often see things that become “normal” to my usual teacher I was happy to take her up on her offer (after checking to see that giving me a lesson would not put her behind for her other work at the stable.)  As we groomed Bingo, I was able to tell her some problems I had noticed when the little girls…


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Riding patterns

The more we ride them the better we get at memorizing them. We build upon previous experiences and observations. Our brains are actually changed. We’re learning to learn.

So, if experience goes through the routine, perhaps wisdom says, This is the way things typically go.

 Left lead skills are typically followed by a lead change and some…


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Two-Point Makes Me TIRED!

Two-Point Makes Me TIRED!

Most of the past two weeks I have been really, really tired.  This started when I finally got my whole seat out of the saddle when I went into two-point.  First the muscles on the front of my thighs started burning, and I stood it for as long as I could.  Ever since I bought my new saddle I have had fewer problems getting up into two-point (I no longer have to hoist myself up) and I have had no problems sinking down on the horse’s back (I often plopped…


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Why do we love our “kissing horse face” photos?

They’re everywhere – advertising vacations to vaccinations (if you love your horse, you’ll immunize with…)

Winston Churchill got it right- “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

Horses are therapy.  They make us feel good.

But let’s be honest, our horses might not be feeling the love as much…


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Book Review: Riding Through Thick & Thin

In her latest book, Riding Through Thick & Thin: Make Peace with Your Body and Banish Self-Doubt - In and Out of the Saddle,  author Melinda Folse asks a question that gets to the heart of her thesis: "How can we move beyond any concerns we have about how we look or what we weigh or whether or not our breeches are too tight and just get that feeling?"  This is not a self-help book strictly targeted at plus-sized equestrians; it is a life-changing guide…


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Increasing My Stability in the Saddle

Increasing My Stability in the Saddle    

When I got my new Pegasus Butterfly jumping saddle, I noticed that the saddle leather was more slippery than the leather in my old Stubben and Crosby saddles.  My riding teacher, Debbie, started getting after me more about the position of my lower legs.  Where before, when I was riding in the Stubben or Crosby saddles, she was pretty much content with the stability of my lower leg, she changed to correcting my lower leg several times each…


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Safety and Being a Spoil Sport.


I’m a riding instructor. Wait, it’s worse than that. A riding instructor who has read the small print of her liability insurance, as if I didn’t feel responsible enough before. Beyond that, I’m certain that if one of my horses hurt someone, it wouldn’t be his fault and it would break my heart. Maybe literally.



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Oakley Diaries - 30: 2016 Was An Awesome Year

Very many seem to treat this year a something of a kidney stone, and in much of the world, according to the news, it was. But in my little corner of the world, it was awesome.

First, I spent most of the year's focus on learning to jump, and teaching Oakley to jump. To learn, I hiked up the road a ways to another barn, got on school horses that would reliably jump. One cannot…


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