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English, Western, whatever...

So, I've had Miss Mo for a year and a half at this point.  Just over a month ago, I had a terrible ride, and I though you know, next time I'll put the western saddle on.  Not really sure why I though that, just seemed like a good idea.  This was the beginning of learning that Mo HATES english.  I've been training her in dressage, she's almost a solid level 2 horse... hates it!  I kept riding in the western saddle, added a western bridle and she's a different horse.  She used to sweat on her…


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Horse Blanket Repair Tips

Through the course of the winter season, horse blankets take a beating. Your horse’s blankets may be showing rips, tears, and even missing hardware. If you’re hoping to get them through just a few more months, then repairing them by hand is probably the way to go. These tips will help you get your blankets to last the…


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An Equine Cure for a Type-A Personality.


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Engaging the Horse's Head

What do we do if our horse breaks gait? Most of us will probably be annoyed, whack the horse and tell him to speed up again. Still, there is something in the mere act of breaking gait that‘s worthwile to think about.
Maybe you know the quote „Let your idea become the horse‘s idea“, which is pretty well known in horsemanship circles. We not only want our horse to follow the feel and understand the aids. We want him to understand what our focus…

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How To Take Great Engagement and Wedding Photos At the Barn

You’ve seen them: the stunning photos of a bride with her horse, or of an engaged pair mounted on horseback. The photos themselves are breathtaking, and you can only imagine the memories that went into their creation. When horses are a major part of your life, it’s natural to want to incorporate them into your wedding or engagement photos. Here are some tips to help…


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Your Horse As Your Mirror


Not to get all woo- woo on you but as a trainer I have the ability to sum up some of the key features in your real life, off-the-horse persona by how you ride and handle your horse. And your horse gives away those secrets.


Think about it...

Does your horse respect your space and boundaries? Or does he push you…


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If one door closes then another opens....my best one yet ^_^

All good times must come to an end so new ones can begin. We don't always want our good times to end because we enjoy them so much. When they do we feel depressed and torn,sometimes angry even. It appears to me my good times turned great are coming to an end but fear not, for new times are about to begin!

Six months ago I began riding lessons with fabulous horse named Cody and a patient, encouraging,…


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Tips to Make Your Metal Tack Shine

From bits and stirrups to the silver on your Western saddle, knowing how to get a good shine out of your metal tack can make a big difference when you step into the show ring. These tips and tricks will help you to get your metal tack to shine like new.

Clean Regularly

Regularly cleaning your metal tack is key to keeping the job…


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Is Your Barn Too Close to Your House?


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The Grandfather Horse. Not Dead Yet.

I haven’t written about the Grandfather Horse in over a year. Most of that time, I was scared half-to-death and the rest of the time, I was laughing too hard.

I know I’m supposed to credit for whatever equine skills I might have to my trainers (I worked with the best,) and the…


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My Achey Breakey Back - Can Riding Horses be Physical Therapy for Your Back?

So, a little while ago I decided to attempt rollerskating(against my will) at a cursed rollerskating ring, and I pulled a Shaggy(if you've ever seen Scooby Doo and watched episodes with Shaggy falling oh-so dramatically and amusingly,you know what I meant, stop laughing, it hurt), and I fractured my(tail) bone(I refuse to call it what it is, just Google it!) which resulted in a pained back. My doctor explained to me I would be sore for months and…


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Playtime in the Arena

Playtime in the Arena

It was a really, chilly night last night. When I got to the barn, it was only 5 degrees—warmer inside, of course. It was warm enough to ride, but Cole had that look in his eyes—that crazy, intense look he gets in the cold weather. I turned him out to play in the indoor arena, instead.

With very little urging from me, he… Continue

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How to Stop Your Horse from Chewing Wood

You provide your horse with plenty of fresh hay and regular grain feedings, but still he feels the desire to gnaw on his stall or pasture fencing like a beaver. Wondering why wood chewing occurs and what you can do to stop it? We’ve got the answers for you.

Why Horses Chew Wood

Many foals chew wood when they are first discovering and using…


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Ride Like You've Never Been Thrown: Part Four

Ride Like You've Never Been Thrown

Part Four

True Grit

I have named this final segment ‘True Grit’ as I believe that this woman is the epitome of the term. She is strong minded and even stronger willed. She was competing at Congress before…


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Tips for Building a Barn Apartment

Apartments in or above barns can be convenient and appealing to both boarders and barn owners. A barn apartment offers many advantages, but building it requires special planning. Be sure to do the following when designing your barn apartment.

Investigate Local Housing Codes

Before you dig into planning out the barn apartment, find out…


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Is Your Barn Energy Efficient?

Given the rising cost of electricity, you certainly don’t want your electric bill to be any higher than it has to be. Your barn may be a source of wasted energy, though, resulting in higher bills. Check out these common ways that your barn may be inefficient with its electricity usage.

Running Old Refrigerators

Old refrigerators…


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Left in the Dust: Your Ridiculously Slow Response Time.

Have you noticed that horses are incredibly quicker than we are? I’m going to tell you the good news about that, but it’s going to take a while to get there.

Horses have the fastest response time of any common domestic animal. Yes, they measure these things, and horses are quickest to perceive and respond to stimuli–partly because they are…


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Managing Weeds in Horse Paddocks

There’s nothing better than a well-maintained horse pasture. But sometimes, despite your attentive maintenance, weeds can take hold and threaten to take over a paddock. If you’re battling weeds in your horse pasture, these tips can help you to get them back under control.


Before you set about removing or destroying…


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Streamlining Your Schedule

This month on Equine Business Coaching we are all about figuring out where, how and on what should we be investing our time on a day to day basis in order to see the best return on your most precious asset, time, in your business.

Streamlining your schedule is often one of the most difficult things we can tackle related to our productivity, however figuring out a workflow and routine that supports all the necessary ‘maintenance’ items in your business, while at the same…


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Lateral Movement; Leg Yielding

Leg yielding is generally most riders first introduction to lateral movement; lateral meaning sideways.   This weeks audio horse riding lessons aim to not only explain leg yielding to you in easy to understand terms, but also to give you some nice exercises you can use while riding your horse to begin working his muscles and joints in a different, and beneficial way.

Lateral Movement; Leg Yielding | Audio Horse Riding Lessons

At the beginning of the podcast this week I mention that leg yielding and, quite frankly, riding…


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