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Keeping the routine going

Wednesday Mar 17 – Happy St Patrick’s day!

This is a big teaching day, so not as much time to ride. I combined teaching a student with getting Belle worked. We just rode 40 minutes, doing about 2 walking miles on the trail and then some arena trot work. Happily, it is…


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Help Wanted!

Hi again. I announced on my own blog a couple of weeks ago that I was looking for someone to be ‘my voice’ for the podcasts I'd like to put on iTunes. Well, I was just overwhelmed with the number of responses I received, it was very humbling.

With so many people volunteering, the question then was, how do I decide who should do it? We thought about holding a competition and having elimination rounds like they do on that TV show American Idol but that didn’t seem fair. So…

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This Week in Horse History - March 22nd Through March 28th

This Week in Horse History - March 22nd Through March 28th

March 23, 1962 - Jacqueline Kennedy received a horse named Sardar from Ayub Khan, Pakistan's governor. Governor Khan, a horseman himself, learned of Jackie Kennedy's love of horses when he first

visited the White House. He gave her Sardar, a gelding, who she nicknamed Black Jack.…


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Dressage And Music Raises Over A MILLION Dollars! International Team Wins First Place For Breast Cancer.

Over the past 8 weeks, I have been working on the music and choreography for

the International Team to help raise money for COTA (Challenge of the Americas) with the proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.…


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A Rule of Grammar

It seems that no matter how old I get and how much experience I have, I still have more to learn. I started learning how to train with my first horse, who was just green-broke when I got him. I did not have enough money to get him trained and I had to learn training from reading books, trying stuff out on my horse, scratching my head and trying again. Fortunately my green-broke horse was cooperative, intelligent, quick to pick up new knowledge, and willing to…


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Adoptable Horse of the Week - Penny from Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue!

Penny is approximately 37 inches. She was badly neglected and had horrible feet .

She is doing well, though and is running around enjoying her new digs.

She will make an excellent friend.…


Added by Special Horses, Inc. on March 21, 2010 at 12:08am — 1 Comment

Saturday march 20

Conditions: Amazing weather - high 60's no bugs no mud. able to hack both horses before and after rides. rode both in double. Rode outside in FEI ring (This ring is called the FEI ring as during the USDF dressage show, all the FEI rides are in this ring. It is a beautiful ring with great footing and 2 permanent judges booth - the actula ring is not up - so the dimensions are greater than 20mx60m


Caddymaster: OK and YIPPEE! I am…


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Kingsley: Vet + Physio Reassessment. The First Day Of The Last Go...

Above: Kingsley, still looking sleepy after sedation, in a pulsed electromagnetic rug
It's not good news for the little man. It looks like the rearing wasn't just him being naughty...He is in a lot of pain along entire topline, poll, neck, back and sacroiliac area. His back muscles… Continue

Added by Wiola Grabowska on March 19, 2010 at 9:46pm — 1 Comment

Nineteen Days and Counting - Catch Up With The Busy Week

To my amazement my good old self keeps going quite fine on my new regime. It's my nineteen day of work on the trot with no day off and I am not horizontal as yet ;)

There is a special thank you involved here to the person who took the trouble to dig out, package and sell genuine dead sea muscles are very much eternally grateful. You know when they say regarding training science that you've got to destroy muscle tissue to build a new, stronger one...Well, my muscle fibres are… Continue

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Ride WIth Confidence: Part 10 - Celebrate Your Success and Have Fun!

It is important to celebrate every time you accomplish something with your horse. It is also important to stay motivated by taking the time to step back from all your hard work and have fun. Here are some suggestions:

Play games with your horse. Playing games is a great way to gain confidence while putting your new skills to practical use. In our arena we participate in obstacle courses, relay races, musical rides, and our new favourite activity, equine soccer. You can play…

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Teach your horse to soften to pressure.

Horses have a natural instinct to pull and push against pressure – not give and soften to it. So every opportunity you get, teach your horse to soften to pressure. You always want your horse thinking of how he can give and soften to pressure, rather than thinking of how he can…


Added by Clinton Anderson on March 19, 2010 at 11:00am — 1 Comment

What Is a Good Working Gait?

At Training and First levels, you're asked to ride your horse in a working gait.

So you might ask, how do I know what is a good working gait for my horse?

A working gait is the gait that the horse most easily presents himself in the best balance. So a working gait is as individual as the horse…


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Are you "over-cueing" for the canter?


Added by Julie Goodnight on March 19, 2010 at 10:30am — 2 Comments

William Micklem praises a RACING CERTAINTY



Bert de Nemethy



Added by William Micklem on March 19, 2010 at 5:00am — 1 Comment

Belinda earns another score above 70%!

Belinda Trussell of Newmarket On, won the Grand Prix test today at the CDI3* WEF. Riding Anton, she scored 70.638% in a field of 30 entries! Canada earned 5 spots in the Top Ten -- Vicki Winter/Proton in 5th, Shannon Dueck/Ayscha in 6th, Jacquie Brooks/Gran Gesto in 7th, and Jacquie Brooks/Balmoral in 9th. We are going to win our way to the WEG!

Added by Dressage Canada on March 18, 2010 at 7:43pm — 1 Comment

'Tis the Season

No, it's not Christmas in March. And I'm not even talking about the dressage show season. I suspect my mare-owning friends (at least those situated in the Northern Hemisphere) know exactly what I'm talking about. It's that season.


When mares are in season, life can get interesting. I hear so many stories from friends with mares who become…


Added by saddlebroke on March 17, 2010 at 9:30pm — 3 Comments

Saturday - wednesday March 17th

Caddymaster First let me mention his half brother Tip Top who underwent colic surgery this past weekend. I have loved following Tip Top's career. I was also very keen on Max - another master offspring recently retired. So I hope Tip Top does well, at 16 yo, I wonder if he will be show fit again? definitely not going to WEG.

So Caddy was great today so let me start there. I was able to ride outside and hack before and after the ride. It was an absolutely…


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Empty Saddlebags

I just wanted to share a quick little story with you. It is not really about a horse, but it is about a donkey.

One morning a rancher went to the barn to feed all his animals but when he was almost done, he realized he could not find one of his most favorite pets, his little mini-donkey. He search the entire farm and had almost given up when he remember the old well out back. Sure enough his little pet had fallen in.

The rancher tried all morning to figure out how to get… Continue

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Doing LSD (Long Slow Distance!)

Saturday – March 13Had to help at the 4H gymkhana, and in the afternoon, it was screaming…


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Nick Turner FBHS - Indoor Eventing : BHS CPD day

‘Indoor eventing’ was the title of the ‘continuous professional development’ training day held on Monday 15th March 2010 at Hadlow College, nr Tonbridge in Kent. The coach for the day was Nick Turner FBHS.


In my…


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