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Hello  Just joining the group  I live on Gabriola Island BC, we have a 5 A property and not to brag but our riding ring is situated so both horse and rider have a view of the ocean! So yes we are spoiled have a look at   ; Does any one live near by?

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A Different Type of Stirrup Leather

A Different Type of Stirrup Leather

This week was so much better for me; I got to ride three times on three different horses!  The weather cooperated as far as precipitation, though there was a cold North wind each morning.  At least it was above freezing all three mornings, a big improvement over last week.

My riding teacher, Debbie, has been making me work on my lower leg more as I have been adapting to my latest saddle, the Pegasus Butterfly saddle.  Due to this saddle’s…


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Brisk walk in brisk wind

Mara and I rode with three Iclandics this afternoon and I enjoyed following those cute Iceies as we refer to them. Mara B is taller but she fits in nicely with them.

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International Happiness Dat

Mara B and I rode out for a great trail ride with friends this afternoon, which made us both happy!

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Bitter Cold and Warmer Rains Interfere With My Riding

Bitter Cold and Warmer Rains Interfere With My Riding

My apologies for missing three weeks of blogging.  What is there to say--lows in the 20’s F, and often rain on the days that were warm enough for my scheduled lessons.  It is hopefully the last gasp of winter.  I do take comfort with the idea that several nights in the low 20’s F after weeks of warm, spring like weather may kill many fly larvae, reducing the plague of flies that come to the Southern states during the spring or…


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Iron In The Horse's Diet: Careful Monitoring Is Needed To Maintain Equine Health And Avoid Common Health Problems

Iron is an essential micromineral in the horse's diet and nature has provided an abundance of it in soils, plants and water.  Deficiencies in this mineral are very rare while excess amounts are all too common and can affect a horse's health in detrimental ways.  If your horse has any immune issues, metabolic conditions, infections, or laminitis pay extra…


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Moments with Mara B

Most days I visit Mara at the stable, we have become zen together. We always vary our daily activities, between ground work, trails and road riding, grooming and walks around the stable. Consistent contact is so powerful. I'm grateful for Mara each day.

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