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Your May Horseyscope by Lauren Bode

Taurus  April 20 - May 20

Happy Birthday ! Take control of your year. Set aside time once a day, just for you and

your horse. It is your life and how you feel about yourself will be reflected by your horse's

behaviour. Communication is key this year, and you will begin to focus on your goals.

Changes abound as well, so take things easy. Check your horse's hooves more regularly.

Gemini May 21 - June…

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Are we legit crazy?!

A day or two ago someone asked me what makes riders giddy about horses and the prospect of riding. I didn't really know the answer then and I still don't, but today I was asking myself why I bother. It was super windy this morning and a storm was blowing in, but I had to let the 7 horses and ponies out to pasture, and it was pretty hectic. They all have their buddies of course, so no matter what order I did it in someone was feeling left behind, and they were all being very pushy and one… Continue

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Saddle Fit and Empathy with the Horse in Training

Back at WEG there was one stand that was absolutely swamped for most of the two weeks we were there – the one with Jane Savoie and a mechanical horse. For those of you who were there, you might remember waiting in long line ups to experience the amazing new product developed by the geniuses through the partnership with Jane at Equi Sense.

Equi Sense is technology developed in order to help the trainer train better, and the rider ride better. It is truly eye-opening; when you sit on…


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Donkey Church

“Do you ever wake up and wonder how your life got you to this day? Oh well, no time to daydream. Off to church with the donkeys.” That was my Facebook post, and my friend responded, “Donkey church or donkeys take you to church?”

Neither. Actually the donkeys get invited every year (last year.) But the comment got me thinking about Donkey Church. What would that be like? Is there a…


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Now I know it's not fashionable to have shoes on your horse, better for the hoof, blah blah. I've always kept front shoes on the big Mags, she toes in and works all through the winter. We briefly (it was a couple days before I could get them back on), had shoes off of her last winter. We aren't really going to try that again.

Maggie has great feet. Good solid wall, round, nice concavity, big ol healthy frogs. She's also 17hh of hard working dressage horse. My trainer suggested we try… Continue

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Short post on my thoughts about jumping into horse ownership

So one thing that really grinds my gears is when ignorant people jump into the ownership of horses (or any animal really) just because they've ridden a few times and hey- there's nothing to it, right? They think that having a horse will be a fun thing to do a weekend or two out of the month, and it'll sure make a pretty lawn ornament when it's not in use! Kind of like a pretty sports car. But then they get their my little pony home, and discover that not only do they not know how to ride, but… Continue

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Mares: The Fairer Sex?

It is well known that a prejudice exists in the showjumping world against mares and it is not without some cause. Mares can be harder to ride, more highly strung and sensitive, and much more likely to accept suggestions rather than demands from a rider. While it is true that mares do not suit all riders, and few beginners, riders aiming at higher levels should not overlook them. That renowned sensitivity for which mares are famous can be channeled into carefulness with…


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Continued Amazing Results

The heat has come back to NC.  Both my teachers have already started murmuring about me coming out an hour earlier to ride.  My wonderful half chaps have come off--they are too hot.  Fortunately my new support stockings are tight enough so my lower leg has some idea of where it is.  Soon I will have to start riding in my ice vest, though I am delaying this as long as I can since the ice can trigger muscle spasms if I use it when the weather is still…


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After a short break my alter ego, Shakespeare "The Equine," returns to demonstrate his way with words. Enjoy!


by Shakespeare "The Equine"


Spring is here;

Brings with it change.

My life and habits


With paddocks closed

Alas, to…


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Handy List of Weeds & Plants That Are Poisonous to Horses

Weeds & Plants That Are Poisonous to Horses

By: Nicole Salo

- A list of weeds and plants that are commonly found throughout Canada and the United States that are poisonous to horses and ponies. For further info and/or a list of poisonous weeds and plants that can be harmful to livestock in your area, please contact your local Ministry of Agriculture department, they can help you with any concerns and even safe ways to dispose of toxic weeds and…


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The 'Other' Mother’s Day.

The nightly news let me know gas prices are up. Wars and natural disasters to blame. I don’t pretend to understand exactly how world events impact the price of a barrel of oil but I do know it trickles down to my little rancho. The current price of last year’s hay has gone up, along with farm calls from the vet and most everything else. And it isn’t like I wouldn’t…


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The Cavalia Experience Vancouver, BC

I was asked to provide a review of Cavalia for Barnmice for Cavalia during April 2011. A big thank you to Barnmice and Cavalia for offering me such an amazing experience. The entire night was more than I could have imagined!


The Cavalia Experience Vancouver, BC

By Shannon Whitaker



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Horse Book Review: Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen

Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen

First HarperTorch Paperback Printing: April 2004


ISBN: 0-06-058027-5…


Added by Ashley on April 18, 2011 at 6:13pm — 1 Comment

The green breaking of Rainey

Back in February, I started training a 5 yr old paint mare.  She is owned by Very old friends of mine - who used to live locally, then they moved to Virginia, but we stayed in touch.  Then they came west again, to Arizona.  Last year they wanted to send Two horses to me, but their barn was struck with Strangles, so no one could go anywhere, then the roof on their home got damaged and all money went to that - so fianlly, Reggie and Rainey came to me in February.  Reggie was a 6 yr old morgan…


Added by Monica Whitmer on April 18, 2011 at 1:00pm — 1 Comment

Yet Another Experiment with Horse Gear

Normally at this time of year I am happily riding in a bit, but with the horrible cold I had two months ago my hands are not currently good enough to ride with a bit.  I was not looking forward to riding bitless because, face it, riding bitless in all the different types of bitless systems I've used, I NEVER got the type of results that I expect with a bit.  The obedience was fine, but I was missing the subtlety of the bit, the ability to make all those…


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Deaths on the Jump Race Course


Herald Scotland reported today that:


 THE Scottish Grand National was marred yesterday by the deaths of two horses after the race, sparking calls for changes to gruelling steeplechase races and the introduction of better animal welfare.


At Ayr yesterday, Regal Heights and…


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Dear Drama Queen-

Dear Drama Queen,

I understand getting upset. You have so much passion and desire for riding. I know how much you want to do the very best job. Sometimes the world seems to conspire against you; it’s like every bad thing happens to you and none of it is…


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State Trip....

May 1, 1912

On May 1, 1912 four young men placed their feet in the stirrups of saddles and rode into

history.  The Overland Westerners were a group of four men that were seeking

fame and fortune only to travel…

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WEG 2010 - A True Crowd Pleaser

Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz rode a real crowd pleasing test on the fabulous PRE Stallion Fuego XII. It wasn't a medal winning test, but it certainly gained the most approval from the crowd!



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Is the Grand National too Dangerous?

As long as there has been racing, there’s been someone to ask just how safe it is for both jockeys and horses. This years Grand National claimed the lives of two horses; Ornais at the fourth fence and Dooney’s Gate at the sixth. Both suffered fatal falls during the raced dubbed as “the ultimate test of horse and rider”.

Although there is some speculation as to when the first Grand National was run, most historians believe it was in 1836. The course is 4 miles and 4 feet long, run…


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