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It's More Than Horse Shows

I went to my first horse show when I was 13. The judge advised me that the yellow macramé browband I’d created for my gelding’s bridle was not really customary show attire. I didn’t really understand the difference between hunter or equitation, over fences, showmanship or halter/line classes. I just signed up for ‘em all, hoping that my horse had read the show program.

After spending my teen years showing my hunter on the A circuit, going off course as much as staying on track, I took… Continue

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Road to the Ride

Inspired by the "Road to the Horse 2011" on DVD which arrived last week, I've decided to implement an intensive training program to get Brody ready to be ridden.  Brody's been with us almost one year now, and he came to us with a suspensory injury.  But the vet came last week for Brody's vaccinations, and gave the go ahead to climb on and ride. Woohoo!


Brody may be physically ready to be ridden, but mentally and emotionally he is not.  (And, of course, there is the…


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No More Nappy Pony!


I finally got to ride Cider again today.  Since she had turned into a nappy pony the last four times I rode her I sat down and thought about her reactions.  I realized that each time she had turned nappy she had something between her front legs in front of her regular girth, first the anatomic girth and then the running martingle.  So today she got her regular girth, no running martingle, nothing between her front legs,…


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Are resumes a thing of the past?

The old school resume is considered passe in many forward thinking industries and organisations. Creative thinking and "out of the box" approaches can be a major deal maker.  Modern day resumes are more than just a piece of paper with a chronological list of work experience, but, do these creative approaches work in the equine industry or are we behind the times?


Check out some of these creative CVs or Resumes for the…


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To be published soon my book The Healing Touch

My first novel about how a ballerina and a race horse heal each other is out soon .

see web  blog…


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Dude Ranch Vacation Safety

I have worked on dude ranches in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana since the mid 1980s. My

business now is dude ranch consulting. One of the things I do is set up

horseback riding programs for new ranches. I am certified by the Dude Ranchers

Association as a wrangler instructor. I teach Horse Safety Certification

courses. Over the years I have trained countless wranglers and taken thousands



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Who Am I This Time?

Who Am I This Time is the name of a short story written by Kurt Vonnegut and made into a film with Christopher Walken and Susan Sarandon.  It’s a quirky story about two people of very different and uncomfortable personalities -who fall in love while acting in a community theater production of Streetcar. (Hear Walken’s painfully shy, tongue-tied character roar, “Stella!!”…


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EHV-1: Treating Veterinarian Discusses Outbreak





EHV-1:  Treating Veterinarian Discusses Outbreak

Wendy Mollat, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM, has been the lead veterinarian treating one of the early patients in the 2011 EHV-1 outbreak.  The horse was taken to  Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital where Dr. Mollat specializes in biosecurity (controlling the spread of infectious disease), neurological diseases, neonatology, Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome, and camelid…


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Philosophical ramblings...

So, I have found my child a lovely spot where he can run and play with kids his own age. 


Saturday, I came from the barn he's at, after discussing it with the manager there that he needed a different spot, and I went to the local tack shop for Garlic (bad mosquitoes here) and a tail strap.  I walk into the shop and see a girl I haven't seen in years.  I've known her for closing in on a decade, she was a teenager then.  So, we get to chatting about our various steeds, and she…


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Congratulations to the Winners of our Bucas Photo Contest!

Congratulations to:


Avery Sharp for her photo of "Sky's the Limit"






Amanda Erin Diggins for her photo of…


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"Respect is appropriate response to pressure."  I heard Pat Parelli say this once, and the ring of its truth is undeniable.  Whether working on the ground or in the saddle, a horse's appropriate response to pressure is essential to any activity.  Brody definitely needs (re)education on this!


Maybe lack of cooperation is his passive-aggressive platform for establishing dominance, or maybe I haven't been consistent enough in establishing my expectations and requiring him to…


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Does the Horse Have a Holographic Brain?

Two weeks ago an interesting thing happened when I rode Mia.  I finally had found my old string fly fringe that goes over the browband.  I really like the anti-fly tack that was developed in the days before effective fly spray.  I try to avoid the fly sprays and persticides as I do not think they are good for my compromised nervous system.  I put ear nets on my horses when the gnats appear in the spring, and I also use a fly whisk on the horses who…


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A Different Kind of Runaway.


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Babies... the saga

So, little Havoc got to go out in the field today.  Perhaps we were a bit naive, thinking he would be fine out there.  I wasn't too sure, but, I'm one of *those* owners, so, I was letting the experienced folks make the call.


One 10 month old baby.... 4 geldings.... one field....  They ran around a couple times, Havoc leading, he can out run them.  Then it looked good, he was by himself, they were up in the one corner, no one was freaking out, big field....  Until one of the…


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Wash 'n' Wear

Yet another poetic ramble from my alter ego, Shakespeare "The Equine."




Wash 'n' Wear


A bright spring day

It’s very warm,

Flies buzz around me

In a swarm.

The Scribe and I

Spend training time

In outdoor ring

With dust and grime.

When done are we

Sweaty am I,

My horse couture

Must bathe and dry.

So to the wash stall



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Part 3 is here! (So excited)

The story of how a horse goes from a second chance pony, into an inspirational life changing horse.


Navara's story. Tell me what you think so far. I hope you enjoy

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Key West, PAG Declared horse of Tom Dvorak, owned by Claudia Demandt humanely put down last week.

Today,  Equine Canada announced the loss of 2011 Dressage Canada Long Listed horse and declared 2011 Pan American Games mount for Tom Dvorak, Key West, an 11-year-old bay Trakehner gelding. Equine Canada extends its deepest condolences to Key West's owners, riders, friends and fans.


Please find below a statement released on May 13, 2011, by owner Claudia Demandt, rider Tom Dvorak and former rider…

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Stransky Mission Farm Wins Big For Step by Step Foundation at Kentucky Spring Horse Shows






Lexington KY - May 15, 2011 - The Kentucky Spring Horse Shows,…


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My Space

I really want to focus on strengthening my leadership, so that eventually I can safely ride Brody and take him out on the road.  Here's how I worked to establish my physical space with Brody this week.


First, Brody did not want to be haltered, especially once he caught sight of the rope and stick.  So I swung the halter towards his hindquarters and got him moving off whenever he started stepping away from me.  When Brody wheeled to face me, I turned my back to him and stand…


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My 100th Blog


Around 2 years ago I discovered Barnmice and started blogging for the first time in my life. 


I was in shock, for I had been on the net for several years and could not believe how much the horse world had changed since the last time I had been involved with horse shows and riding.  I…


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