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Unbridled – Chapter 18: The Brass Nameplate


His name is not Gelding or Golden, Pammie thought to herself as she traipsed through the forest trail picking up Bounder’s droppings so Maxim wouldn’t complain his “woods are soiled.” Besides, what kind of psychic had a blinking neon crystal ball in the window of his Monopoly house? And a parrot named Goob? Mr. Vladimir was clearly a scam artist, in spite of his predictions about Uncle Paul and the cleaning woman.

She pushed aside the fronds of a Common…


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I am in the UK where we are currently looking for property around the Cotswolds area

Now I am in the UK where we are currently looking for property around the Cotswolds area. All of the little villages are so pretty! I love the cream teas and good english pub food here.

For the past three days I have been at Talland School of Equitation which is run by Pammy Hutton, a very well-known international dressage rider and trainer, and you know why when she teaches you. I have had three lessons a day and my butt is paying the price!!!

I was actually very…


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Your Horse's Mind

Do you ever wonder what goes on inside your horse’s mind?

On January 23, 2006, The New York Times magazine ran a cover story called The Animal Self. According to the article, tests on animals have uncovered “not only the distinctiveness of birds and beasts but also…their deep resemblances to us and our own behaviors.” In other words, animals do not only have temperaments, they have complex and distinctive personalities, just like people.

Imagine “African gray parrots…


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Exam Day 2!

I am so relieved that our exams are over! We started early this morning, with barn duty at 6.30. The dressage tests started at 8.30 so we had to be on and warming up by at least 8am. I think I was quite nervous because I was really quiet and serious and held a straight face for most of the morning. Usually I act normal before a performance, but I guess I didn't know what to expect because being in front of German judges and riding an unfamiliar horse isn't exactly the most ideal situation!…


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Hooked up to the Heart Monitor - Again

Theodore Denman and I were again summoned to the Hospital. This time to have a monitor attached to my chest for a 24 hour reading, in order that they may assess my fibrillations (or palpitations) and see exactly what is going on before taking the next steps. Medication seems to be doing the trick at the moment, as long as I always remember to take everything at the correct time. We are therefore somewhat dependent on the bathroom cabinet being within easy reach the whole time. or my remembering… Continue

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The Arrival of Theodore Denman

We were called into the clinic for our usual check to see that everything was okay at 35 weeks. Bog standard stuff. But still I wore my heels and make-up. Have to balance the bump somehow! With just over a month to go it was all very exciting. I had just got to the stage where i could have asked people to give up their seat on public transport. Nice and round. However my complete aversion to any form of public Transport (it's common) meant I had not had the pleasure of disturbing asnf… Continue

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Took the pony and one of the horses to a schooling show on Saturday. We learned a lot and for the most part they were great!

The pony was in the 2'3" class, and thank goodness he's one of those great ones where you never have to worry about them stopping, regardless of what distance you give them. (I had a couple long spots that I would have preferred to stick in another small stride, but apparently that was not what pony wanted... we were giving the jumpers a run for their…


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End of week 1 in Germany

This week has been hard work! I am glad it is the weekend and we get a bit of a break, although we still had to ride once yesterday and do barn duty this morning, which is okay because the rest of the weekend is fun!

Yesterday (Saturday) after our riding and lungeing lesson we went back to Stall Ramsbrock, i rode the same young horse as last time, and then we went to the second property of Heinrich Ramsbrock which was where all of the foals and broodmares were kept and it… Continue

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Hope this Helps Someone - Lyme Disease/Leptospirosis in Horses

Hello everyone,

I am posting this to put the information out there; I searched and searched to find out what was wrong with my horses

I wish I had known about this disease 1 1/2 years ago, that was when Patina, Finn and Tucker, my horses first started to be ill with unexplained sore feet, muscle loss and muscle tenderness, clicking joints, and general dullness. Tucker actually died, in spite of vets.

Today "thank God" I have at last found out what was causing…


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Moving to France with 4 horses a dog and a cat.

Hi folks, thought I'd have a go at this blogging and tell you about my move from the UK to France. This is not fiction.

OK, there was me, Nick my man, Luther, Patina, Finn and Tucker the horses, Katie the dog and Jasmin the cat, it was actually Jasmin's home she, part of the landlords household.

However her cat lodgic impelled her to move in with us.

Home for us humans, dog and cat was an unsatisfactory caravan secreted in an unusual place.

Home for… Continue

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This could be fun...

So I've never really consistently kept a blog before, and those that I did write up were done years ago. This could be fun for kind of keeping track of what is going on with the horses I ride, the barn life and all that, though!

So I'm riding for a sales barn right now in Puslinch, Ontario. It operates out of Amarna Farms and we've got everything from super green ponies to that easy 3'6" hunter. As of right now I've got a few that I am working and showing to clients, and as of…


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Day 3 in Germany

Wow i still can't get over how awsome it is over here! Not only are the horses amazing, but the whole atmosphere of the town and people is so comfortable and you feel so at home.

Well the days at the Equestrian Centre are long and hard. We have to be at the barn by 7.30 to do barn duty or to get your horse ready for a dressage lesson, and when you aren't riding you are preparing or putting away your horse or watchhing lessons and studying the theory out of The Principles of…


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Day 1 in Germany

Wow so much has happened already! Yesterday we met nearly everybody who was doing the course at the State Equestrian Centre, and they are mostly americans who are really nice! Alex Wortman, the Chief Instructor, is such a great guy who is so funny, and so is his wife.

This morning we went to Stall Ramsbrock, which is home to 1400 horses and the owner is the world champion in breeding. We got to ride, and i rode 3 horses. the last two were only 5 months under saddle, and the other 2,… Continue

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