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Natural Horsemanship Solutions: Trailer Loading - it doesn't have to be hell on wheels!!

Trailer Loading – It doesn’t have to be hell on wheels

My method of trailer loading is simple – if the horse is thinking about going inside the trailer then I leave the horse alone, but as soon as the horse stops thinking about going in the trailer then I start to bug


Remember to…


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Helping a Horse that Pulls on the Bit

Hi Julie

I have been riding for eight months at a stable and am taking classes once-twice a week as well as clinics. I bought a horse from the stables I go to; he is a twelve year old Arab and a very forgiving horse but in the last two months he has started to pull on the bit. I am finding this very, very frustrating. My teacher is a very good trainer as well as a teacher. Just this…


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Natural Horsemanship Solutions: Solving Herd Bound Problems

Herd Bound Problems – your buddies will live without you

Horses can become herd bound for a variety of reasons. Sometimes horses don’t feel safe when they are not with other horses, and sometimes horses feel they have to get back to the herd to protect them. Either

way, we need to teach horses that it is okay to leave the herd and that the

horse can be safe with you.…


Added by Lindsey Forkun on July 29, 2010 at 11:30am — 3 Comments

Racetrack workers and WSIB – your questions answered.

Racetrack workers and WSIB - read our latest blog post – your questions answered. http://ow.ly/2budZ

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Dress To Impress - Yourself

As I have grown up in horses I have noticed something which I think gets by many riders. It combines functionality with human nature and it’s something I have grown to take as gospel but few others speak about.




Added by Dressage For The Rest Of Us on July 28, 2010 at 3:00pm — 2 Comments

Adjusting Your Leadership to Keep Attention

If you can keep adjusting your leadership to be more dependable, flexible, understanding and intelligent, the horse is more willing to form a loyal partnership and put a greater effort into his performance. The biggest mistake people make in their relationship and communication with horses is to not understand that the development of leadership with horses should be spent in managing the connection, bond and trust through…

Added by Carolyn Resnick on July 28, 2010 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

Pennies for Ponies

The Calico Mountain mustangs of Nevada inspired the mustang herds in my Phantom Stallion books.

When the Bureau of Land Management decreed a round up of these horses, I joined a lawsuit to stop them. When that failed, I witnessed the deadly winter helicopter round-ups and captivity which has led to over a hundred deaths.

Ghost Dancer and Shell Flower suffered facial and leg injuries, but survived to become friends. Now, the BLM is clearing the corrals of Calico Mountain… Continue

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Don't Miss Global TV - Wed. July 28 at 10:00 PM - No Country for Animals

Fellow Horse and Animal Advocates,
This Wednesday, July 28, at 10 pm, Global TV airs “No Country for Animals”, a special documentary by Kevin Newman that examines Canada’s deplorable record on animal welfare and the people who are fighting to bring about much-needed change. We urge…

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This Week in Horse History - July 26th Through August 1st

This Week in Horse History - July 26th Through August 1st

July 26th, 1968 – The palomino Quarter Horse gelding, Kaweah Bar, won his first stakes race today. Kaweah Bar won the Leo Handicap, held at Los Alamitos. He earned the title of the "Palomino Express" and would become Quarter Horse racing’s world champion at the young age of two years old. During his…


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More insights

After another weekend of Havoc... And I mean literally.

So, the dam of my little Havoc, her name is Snip, had her shoes pulled on Thursday. Now she had a bad case of laminitis two years ago and has 23.5 degrees of rotation in her right fore. So, the front of her foot doesn't exactly grow all that well. Which is why we'd pull her shoes and see if she could go barefoot and quit cracking up what little foot she has. Apparently not. P3 is pretty close to the sole, she must have…


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Finally Some Good News And Betterin My Life

Well back in feb. i broke up wit matt after we got engaged... it just didnt work out.... i finally got away from all the bull shit of his.... i am so happy now that i am back home wit my family.... met a new guy that i really like... seth... hopin all goes well... but my mom is doin alot better now.. still probablly wont ever ride agian tho... which sucks.... still workin on breakin our horse to ride... been just way to freakin hot to do any training...… Continue

Added by Meghan Rainey on July 25, 2010 at 7:00pm — 1 Comment

Communication--from tongue to finger

It has been SOOOO hot and humid this week. One of the few good aspects of my MS is that when it is hot I am guaranteed not to work the horses too hard for the weather conditions. I can't do much more than walk with an occasional short trot. This weather is not good for vigorous athletic pursuits, and with the pollution it isn't good for the lungs to do deep breathing, for both horse and rider.


I have been working on keeping a…


Added by Jackie Cochran on July 25, 2010 at 1:00pm — 1 Comment

Saturday, July 24th


Today is July 24th, and i havent been on Barnmice for a REALLY long time. i'm quite happy that people are joining my group, Showing. Riders helping Riders is a great way to connect.

I'm leaving to go to a special English riding camp, and it'll be a lot of fun! I get to ride a different horse, but i dont know which one. I have been going to this camp since the summer of 2007, but usually i ride… Continue

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Guests on Vickers Tree Radio

Radio Broadcast via net Vickers Tree interviews Horse authors..

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After the dressage my home bred hero Mandiba leads the World Cup 3* event at Rebecca Farms in Montana....congratulations to Karen O'Connor and all her team....while his full brother High Kingdom, with Zara Phillips aboard, is in 12th place after the dressage in the Advanced division at Aston Le Walls in England and like his brother goes cross country today. Their half brother Tredstep…


Added by William Micklem on July 24, 2010 at 3:30am — 5 Comments

Evi Strasser Picking Up WEG Scores in Europe

Over the past week, Canadian Olympian Evi Strasser has earned two WEG-qualifying scores with her Oldenburg gelding Quantum Tyme.

Strasser and Quantum Tyme placed fifth in the Grand Prix at CDI3* Hartpury, held July 14-18, 2010 in the United Kingdom, earning 67.404% from the panel of five FEI judges. The combination also scored 72.000% in the Grand Prix Freestyle, earning them fourth place.

Strasser has been competing in Europe all season, with both Quantum Tyme and Action… Continue

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Riding at Sunset Under the Moonlight

The moon is in a good position for us to ride in the evening. It's also starting to cool off around sunset. Last night we had a cool breeze blowing which made it even more comfortable.

We had planned this night ride a little differently. I picked up some takeout food on the way home. Ranae had gotten home about 15 minutes before me and fed the horses. We had dinner and then saddled up. It was nice for a couple of reasons. One, we weren't hungry and two, we didn't have to worry about… Continue

Added by John Harrer on July 23, 2010 at 1:39pm — 2 Comments

Strengthen Your Horse's Weaker Hind Leg

Hi Guys,

Your horse's weaker hind leg is the leg on his soft side. There's nothing wrong with your horse! Almost every horse has a weaker hind leg because few horses are ambidextrous. The weaker leg is the one on your horse's "soft" or hollow side. The stronger one is on his stiff side.

The weak hind leg doesn't step directly underneath your horse's body. Your horse displaces it slightly to the side to avoid carrying weight with it. On the other hand, the hind leg on…


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Natural Horsemanship Solutions: Would you Relax? Let’s enjoy the trail!

Would you Relax? Let’s enjoy the trail!

**Lindsey Forkun Equestrian advocates for you to wear a helmet



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William Micklem offers TEN LITTLE BEAUTIES

So sad to hear that Oki Doki is no longer with us….who needs cheering up? The great thing about age is the ability to enjoy the little equine things that possibly were once hidden by the pursuit of rosettes in earlier days:…


Added by William Micklem on July 23, 2010 at 4:00am — 2 Comments

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