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Hurricane Irene and Free Jumping Cats...

As you may or may not be aware, the East Coast was just pummeled by Hurricane Irene. The big storm is estimated to be one of the most expensive in US history, and many towns on the Eastern Seaboard are still dealing with the aftermath of her wrath.

During the storm itself, my…

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The Horse Nanny:

Your child will never misbehave again!


This video was sent to us from a reader (we didn’t get a chance to ask if it was ok to use their name prior to posting – but if the person who sent this to us sees this post and wants to de-anonymize themselves, go for it!).  And let’s just say it, we’re all thinking…


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Lesson 9 Aug 30 2011

Lesson was moved to Tuesday night. We got to the barn early again and spent lots of time before our lesson grooming, doing round pen work and some ground work in the indoor arena. Cooper looked very good tonight, must be all this work we have been doing finally putting some muscle on him. He moved really good in the round pen and listened very well, doing transitions from trot and canter, and he was doing them much slower. 

We were jogging 10 steps, whoa & back up, then moving off…


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Speaking “Horse” (a.k.a. “Pushing the Envelope”)


You’ve seen it before (maybe you’ve been there yourself?) – the horse/human tug-of-war scenario:

The person is trying desperately to keep the horse in a particular position
the person is leading the horse somewhere
and all the while,
the horse is moving, imposing, and once in a while, running over the doting human being!

*        *         *         *          *

Once you know how to listen to your horse, a whole…


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"Solid" doesn't even begin to cover it

Kelvins Prissy Chex is a solid built palomino mare by Doc Hollybug Gold, a son of AQHA point earner Barlon who also won NCHA money. This mare goes back to the greats of Doc Bar, Mr San Peppy, Hollywood Gold, and Bueno Chex. She is broke to ride, stands 15.2 plus and is over 1200 lbs. She has been broke to ride and produced some nice…


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Keeping the Horse Replenished - Equine Electrolytes

With summer in full swing, the topic of equine electrolytes becomes very relevant. Electrolytes are mineral salts that create the electrical current in the horse and are necessary for a variety of biological processes, including:

  • Muscular contraction
  • Water balance
  • Regular heartbeat

As the summer gets hotter you find yourself with a sweaty horse, but a quick hose down is not all he needs after a good workout. Horse sweat is hypertonic, meaning… Continue

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False 'On the Bit' frame originates with Niggli

There you will discover, what I believe, is the history of of the false 'on the bit' frame being presented in dressage.

Added by E. Allan Buck on August 29, 2011 at 11:30pm — 2 Comments

Hurricane Irene and Corsair Update

Corsair seems to be improving daily. The vet will probably be back out today or Tuesday to re-examine him. His eyelid is still very swollen but all of the inflamed conjunctiva has gone down and it only appears to be oozing some tears. Will know more when the vet takes a look.…


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Aug 27 2011

Can't always have good days, have to throw in some bad for variety LOL

I was going to practice Lesson 8 on Saturday but things changed. I did some ground work inside then went outside because there was a nice breeze and would be no flies. It was hot in the indoor arena. He was jittery as soon as we went outside and I should have went back inside, but I didn't. The dogs at the next door neighbour, new people, were running loose and barking.

After I got on and walked around a bit…


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I Got to Ride THREE Horses This Week!


August is turning out to be an eventful month!  First, my sympathy to all those on the East Coast who are suffering from Irene.  Over here in Stanly County we were very fortunate, we just got clouds, some wind gusts and a tiny bit of rain.  I feel sorry for all the people and domestic animals trying to deal with the enormous rainfall from this storm.  May your houses, barns, paddocks and pastures drain off soon!  How did the horses react to the earthquake in…


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Help for Corsair

******* This occurred yesterday - didn't have a chance to post - getting prepared for hurricane and other insanities! Please help if you can and forward to any who may be interested - Thank-you! *****

At 5:35 a.m. today I went out to feed all the horses here at Horse Play. When I went to the paddock where Corsair (13 yr old Thoroughbred / Welsh Cob cross) and…


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Step Outside Your DIScomfort Zone!

By Patti Bartsch, M.A., Ph.D. ~

Have you ever had one of those days when you’re completely conscious of your underwear? You know, the elastic might be on its way out or the cut is just wrong and…


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Lesson 8 August 25 2011

8th training Lesson and our 44th Ride together. I can't believe how far we have come in the 5 months we have been at Five Star Ranch!

Cooper was moving good, there were a few slips but I really think it's because he needs to build up his muscle and balance.

I had all his PC boots on again today and added the pretty blue breast collar. I also have a royal blue show saddle blanket, have to put it all on together somedayl

We rode indoors for our lesson, it's getting too…


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Ode to the Fly.

I admit it. I find mucking to be a near inspirational time; I simply do my best thinking while holding that fork. Today I was pondering a fairly gut-wrenching blog topic that has been haunting me, but it’s late August and there was an audible fly buzz that’s more than  distracting- it’s nearly…


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Ask 25 Horse People One Question...

… and you get 25 different answers!


This phenomenon is a well-known fact in the horse industry. Over the years, I’ve been approached time and again by people new to the horse world,  in a mixed-up state of frustration and confusion. Who do they listen to? How can EVERYONE have a different way of doing something? Isn’t there a ‘standard’ method in the industry?

New horse owners go to look for a boarding barn and discover that every barn has a different feed…


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The Inside Scoop: Is My Horse's Grain Enough?

You can figure out what your horse is getting from his grain - just follow these 3 easy steps!


Need help? Call our experts at 1-888-818-1459.


• the label from your horse’s grain bag

• a bucket with your horse’s normal daily…


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Equine Allergies & Skin Health

Allergies & Skin Health

An allergy is an exaggerated response from the immune system to a substance in the environment, called an allergen. Although horses can become allergic to things they eat, inhale, or touch, insect bite hypersensitivity (IBH or "sweet itch") is…


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Smarter Solutions: Hoof Health

PROBLEM: Lost shoes have you missing days of riding and training

SOLUTION: Hoof Supplements

Ever feel like you spend more time searching the field for yet another lost shoe than you do in the saddle? (Seriously, what does he do, bury them? How could it be gone?!)

Even if your horse isn’t throwing shoes left…


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Horse Soundness Exam

You've browsed our Supplement & Horse Care Guides, talked to your vet and Googled 'glucosamine.' But how much do you really know about joint supplements?

Put your joint savvy to the test and find out if you could be smarter about your horse's joint health!

1. Approximately ________% of lameness problems in horses are related to osteoarthritis.



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The Hampton Classic Horse Show Attracts World's Best


Contact: Meg Schermerhorn: (508) 698-6810;


The Hampton Classic Horse Show Attracts World's Best

Riders From Seven Countries Expected To Compete For Top Honors At This Year's Hampton Classic


Bridgehampton, NY— The world's best horses and riders, including riders from seven…


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