October 2009 Blog Posts (86)

Equine Science: Weekly News and Trivia Question - October 2, 2009

Happy October everyone – today I’ll be talking about antibiotic resistance in our equine friends, the bute battle and the problems wild poppies can cause. First though some positive news for those transporting horses into United States…

Equine babesiosis is an infectious disease caused in horses by several blood parasites, including Babesia caballi a parasite that is transmitted by ticks. Now a drug used to treat cattle and dogs for a blood parasite can completely eliminate the B.… Continue

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October News Letter Going Out Tonight!!

Hey everyone... just letting you know that my Oct. News Letter is going out tonight! At midnight!! if you would like to receive this months news letter filled with tips to riding with music, tips from my favorite farrier, audio link about what the judges are looking (listening) for, and more, sign up on my web site...


I also would love to hear from you on a few topics... so write in and ask you question, or give me you thoughts!! Ruth…


Added by Ruth Hogan Poulsen on October 1, 2009 at 7:29pm — 2 Comments

Frustrations....not with the horses

So, I just found out that my contract is expiring at the end of October. In some ways I'm disappointed...in other ways I'm happy to move on. The only stress is trying to find something else in this market right now. Thankfully, I am in a role that is very transferable to any industry..Human Resources. I'm a little worried but I know I'll find something. I always manage to. Fingers crossed I can get something sooner rather than later as my schools are on hold right now....but still planning on… Continue

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Enjoy the Ride: Confidence at the Faster Gaits

I get questions about going faster without bouncing--trotting, cantering, loping, galloping--and realize that novice riders are often intimidated by faster gaits, not realizing that riding the trot or canter on a calm, well-trained horse is fun and relaxing, even exhilarating.

Part of learning to ride comes from spending time in the saddle but plenty of riders spend hours in the saddle without really learning the one simple thing that will make it enjoyable to ride: moving with the… Continue

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Ride Fit 1-2-3: More on Soft Hands and the Connection with Shoulder Strength

Comments and questions recently posted to my last blog were really excellent. I've copied them here, with some answers. Remember- you can post questions, comments and even photos for analysis to the latest Ride Fit blog. I try and respond in the next blog posting.


OK, I totally agree with this:

"we do look for alignment from the elbow through the forearm to the bit, regardless of discipline. A rider should also have softness… Continue

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SPANA in China

Now don't get me wrong - I just love Chinese food. Normally that is. But in North West China it's a bit different from the stuff we get here at home - which people tell me is generally southern or Cantonese cooking.

Apart from aquariums all round the restaurants' walls containing the main course (but still alive!) the food is hugely spicy. So, I suppose if Mexican cooking is your thing, it's the very place for your next vacation, but for me, I find eating a breakfast which leaves… Continue

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