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Midlife Horse Buyers

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Midlife Crisis?  Maybe a Horse Will Help,” reported that women in their midlife years are returning to horses and horseback riding. Such a phenomenon is no surprise to horsewomen. But having this issue addressed in a…


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What does it mean to earn a horse's "trust,"?

Research in equine-assisted mental health has explored how people develop trust by working with horses, but is trust the same for horses as it is for humans?

Social psychologists agree that trust involves giving up some control and accepting vulnerability, with the expectation of being protected from harm.

Dr Robin Foster, Researcher and equine…


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Going the Full Heart Distance: Saying So Long


It’s deep fall here on our farm. Most of the leaves are gone; Canada geese are on the wing. Each morning there’s a thin shell of ice on the water tanks. Local…


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“How important is it to bond with my horse?”

I’m asked this regularly. I may dig a little deeper, “Tell me what you mean by bonding.”

If bonding means to you:

  • my horse feels safe/relaxed in my presence
  • he understands me,

 I’d say that’s very important. However, if you’re hoping for your horse to share your human…


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How I Conduct a Training Session at the Walk

How I Conduct a Training Session at the Walk    

Since I am now in transition from no medicine for my Multiple Sclerosis to re-starting the only medicine that has ever controlled my MS, my body is changing daily.  This means that there are days when I only walk when I ride a horse.  There were times, when I was younger, when I would have been terribly bored just walking around the ring, keeping on the rail and going around in pointless circles, and accomplishing…


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The Best Reasons to Stop Riding



I think I’ve heard all the clichés about change that I can stand. At a certain age, we don’t need to be reminded how…


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Equine Law from Windhorse Legal, PLLC

Let’s be honest. When you think of riding your horse, the last thing that enters your mind is an attorney. And that’s how it should be. But we have all heard of someone with a horrible horse experience that might have gone much better if they had known an equine attorney to talk to about the situation.

Maybe you know someone who sold a horse on payments, with no…


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Riding the Inside of Your Horse


When I was just a dressage-princess-wannabe, before I became a full-blown Dressage Queen, I thought dressage riders all wore a kind of…


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I Start Riding Bingo More

I Start Riding Bingo More    

During my lesson on Bingo on Wednesday, he did fine until we were trotting around, when he did a twisting evasion so he would not have to trot at a particular place at the rail.  He had caused another rider a problem at the same place during another lesson (by breaking into a canter), so Debbie went to that spot, dug down, and concluded that she would have to have the base of the ring repaired at that place.  Bingo was obviously trying to tell everyone…


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A Serenity Prayer For Both of You


The seasons are changing and the air feels cooler. That’s what you notice, but your horse seems just a bit more interested in his surroundings than usual. You feel his tension, so you push ahead. Maybe if you put him to work right away, he’ll pay more…


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Do helmets give us a false sense of security?

A CBC interview about helmet safety piqued my interest.

I learned that in nearly every study of hospital admission rates, helmeted cyclists are 80% less likely to receive serious head and brain injuries —but these stats apply only for those who get into accidents.

So here’s the flip side –research says that helmeted cyclists bike faster, take more risks, and ride in riskier environments.

We’ve also discovered safety feature in cars give drivers a fall sense of…


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We Stabilized My Pegasus Butterfly Saddle on Cider's Back

We Stabilized My Pegasus Butterfly Saddle on Cider’s Back    


Last Sunday I got to try my new Pegasus Butterfly saddle on Cider again.  I found my only string girth, washed it, and I prayed it would fit Cider.  When I got to Shannon’s farm we both put the Pegasus pad on Cider’s back, I explained how we wanted the top part of the pad (the part right under the panels of the saddle) to be sort of flat, and we ended up putting all four shims in the second and third pockets on…


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