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Life Hacks# for Riding Schools

Life Hacks for Riding Schools

Stand out from the crowd by adding extra services and promotions for your clients.

Its as easy as looking through your phone book.

  • Ask your local tack store to give your clients a discount  - I am sure if you were sending all your new riders their way to get kitted out they would be more than…

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Find your Tribe - Art connects us All

Either Directly or Indirectly art has given me more than the gift of beauty and inspiration.

 Art has connected me to some amazing people and some of my most treasured friends.

My preferred art form and one at which for the past 15 years I have earned my living is “Fine Art Photography”.  Not just any fine art photography, my specialty and number one passion is…


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Is My Right Leg Shorter Than My Left Leg?

Is My Right Leg Shorter Than My Left Leg?    

Last Sunday, for my ride on Cider using my new Pegasus Butterfly saddle, I added both the ¼” and 3/16” bridging shims to my Contender II BOT/ThinLine pad.  This made the pad thicker, which meant Shannon had trouble getting Cider’s string girth to the bottom hole of the billet straps.  If we had used any girth but a mohair string girth we would have been in real trouble, but since the string girth has some stretch to it Shannon finally got…


Added by Jackie Cochran on November 26, 2016 at 2:07pm — 1 Comment

The Passion to Punish


First, last, and always, this is the truth about communication with animals: Punishment is the lowest form of expression.

A photo of…


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Why It's Never "Good Enough"

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Hey guys! It's been a while since I've written a personal post, so here's a little update on what's…


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Hope comes riding…

Well, as the dust settles from the US election, some are left standing with their hopes dashed - others had their hope stirred.

Hope for peace, prosperity, rescue…

I love the words of the late Chuck Colson:  “Salvation will not arrive on Air Force One.”

Removed from his seat…


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I May Have Found a Partial Solution

I May Have Found a Partial Solution    


In my last blog, I revealed my latest problems with my riding.  Since I could not get myself satisfactorily centered in my new Pegasus Butterly saddle, I blamed the whole problem on my MS messing up my proprioceptive system.  But then I thought further on my problem, and I came up with the idea that the shims in the Pegasus pad may not have worked satisfactorily in filling up Bingo’s (and Mia’s) sway back or in ameliorating Cider‘s…


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Confident Rider Coaching

Time is passing you by!! We're…


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Confident Rider Coaching

Time is passing you by!! We're…


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Winter Is Coming: The Ultimate Blanket Buying Guide

Welcome to The Equestrian Lifestyle Blog!

The Equestrian Lifestyle Blog

The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Buying Winter Blankets

Well everyone, it's coming up to that dreaded season we all love to hate in Canada:…


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UK Decision Showcases Liability Dangers

As horse owners, we enjoy sharing our love of horses, and we sometimes even let our friends ride our horse. What happens if a person is injured while riding your horse on your property? Many factors influence whether you will be held liable for those injuries. A recently-decided case in England highlights…


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5 Things I Have learned From My Horse

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Almost eight months ago I met Austin for the first time.  To say I had some doubts at first is an understatement.  He was so lovely, so well trained; I was convinced my inexperience would ruin him for good.  It has taken us a little time to get to know one another, but I can honestly say that we are a match made in heaven.  Austin's sweet nature, sincerity, patience and bravery has…


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Winterizing the Compassion Fatigue. Again.

Chatting lightly about weather is considered the tiniest of small talk, unless you live outside the urban bubble. We take it more seriously out here…


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Equitherm Training

The Equitherm team have been extremely busy this week planning their Worldwide Roadshow for 2017! We will be visiting lots of exciting venues for our live training courses, which will include Australia, Canada, Dubai, Switzerland and the USA.

If you are interested in joining us at one of our venues please contact us at and we will add you to our 'Early-bird Offer' list. See us at…


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I Developed a New Problem with my Riding

I Developed a New Problem with my Riding    

You would think that with over 45 years experience as a rider, that I would never come up with a new, seemingly unsolvable problem.  However, with my Multiple Sclerosis, plus my horrible misadventure with a new MS drug, that is exactly what happened to me.

I started shifting my whole body to the left.

As you know I bought a new saddle, the Pegasus Butterfly Claudia jumping saddle.  I love this saddle, I can get my seat really…


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Bite Your Tongue.

It’s an election year and I’m a politics geek. There, I said it. But the rhetoric is deafening. Sometimes there are just too many words. I’ll bite my tongue right…


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