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The Oakley Diaries - 22: A Game of Inches

Sometimes it just feels as if we're not getting anywhere. Another beautiful autumn, the last show of the year goes by and the difference between this month and last month is hard to discern. It seems as if we're just inching forward. We're fighting a World War I battle, a titanic struggle over a few yards, at great cost and effort with nothing to show.

And there is…


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Hit a Wall in Your Riding? How to Get Around It

When you train at something long enough, sooner or later you're bound to hit a wall. The same is true of riding – despite schooling and lessons, at some point you may find yourself unable to advance past a certain skill or aspect of riding. So, what do you do if this happens?

Don't Panic

Remember that every rider, no matter how…


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6 Tips to Make Time for Horse Riding

How many times a week do you ride on average? I know only too well how ‘life’ can just get in the way and other things crop up and demand your attention.

In fact, I have seen how even with a scheduled riding lesson, most adults find it difficult to keep that appointment in their calendar due to unforeseen circumstances. It leads to feelings of frustration in all involved parties: the rider, the instructor and the horse.

Paying It Forward

Lets have a quick…


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Top Reasons to Adopt a Horse From a Rescue

Are you looking for a new horse? Adopting a horse from a horse rescue can be a great idea, depending on just what you’re looking for in your new horse. Have you considered adopting a rescue horse? Here are a few reasons why you might want to do just that.

Help Horses in Need

When you adopt a horse from a rescue, you’re providing a good home…


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6 Tips for Selling Your Saddle

Do you have an extra saddle sitting around in your tack room? Chances are there’s a rider out there who could put that saddle to good use while putting a little extra cash in your pocket. Thanks to the internet, selling a saddle online isn’t particularly difficult. These tips will get you started.

Clean and Evaluate Your Saddle

Before you list your…


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Mounting Block Manners


Added by Lindsay Grice on September 2, 2014 at 5:30pm — 1 Comment

Back to School: How You and Your Horse Can Benefit From Going Back to Basics

As the show season progresses, it’s easy to get caught up in competition and your goals of advancing through the levels. However, it’s back-to-school season, and both you and your horse can benefit from it. Taking a few rides to focus on the basics can make your more advanced riding even better. Here’s why you might want to take your…


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Heels Down: 5 Tips to Help

Carrying proper weight in your heels is the foundation to a secure seat when riding, but many riders struggle with getting their heels down deeply enough. If you’d like to be able to drop your heels down further while in the saddle, we’ve got some great exercises you can try.

Check for Proper Leg Alignment and Stirrup Length

If you’re riding with an improper…


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The Oakley Diaries - 20: Finally, a Successful Show

We had a marvelously successful show a couple of weekends back, a dressage show at Fox Run, near Cambridge. It wasn't our first show, we tried that back in '11 with a disastrous attempt at a short course event, but it was our first successful show and we achieved all our objectives and then some.

The objective was simple: do all the necessary preparations the week before,…


Added by B. G. Hearns on August 5, 2014 at 6:00am — 1 Comment

Breaking up is hard to do. Is it time?

It was lunch break and the clinician came into the lounge to eat. She was an experienced competitor and focused clinician with a reputation for being a bit cantankerous.

A few of us were there eating and after a moment an auditor asked if she might have some advice about her…


Added by Anna Blake on July 25, 2014 at 8:30am — 5 Comments

How to Use Hills to Your Riding Advantage

Hills on your property can be a great training and conditioning tool, and there are various ways to use hills to your advantage when riding and conditioning your horse. Here are a few tips so that you can put hills to work for you.

Keep Safety First

Hills help to condition your horse and develop his muscles in strength, but they are only…


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Listen First, Train Later.

Photo by Patrick McMahan

The first time I met him, he was two months old standing in a stall with his mom. He was bright and intuitive, an Andalusian/Appendix…


Added by Anna Blake on July 11, 2014 at 9:00am — 4 Comments

Recognizing the Signs of Concussion In a Rider

Last month we featured a blog post on how to handle a rider who’s been in a serious fall. In some cases, it will be plainly evident that a rider is injured – they’re knocked unconscious or they have broken a bone. In other cases, though, the injuries might not be quite so apparent.

Concussions are serious injuries that are dangerous if they go…


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Crookedness Should Be the Nightmare of Every Honest Rider

There is a statement

that is often used,

"See the Forest for the Trees".

 If you look up the

exact meaning,

it is, "To be overwhelmed

by detail

to the point where it…


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What To Do When Your Horse Rears

A rearing horse is dangerous and frightening for any rider. If the horse you're riding unexpectedly rears, then knowing how to handle the situation can help to keep you and your horse safe. While we hope you never have to deal with a rear, it’s best to be prepared just in case.

Lean Forward

If you feel your horse start to go upwards,…


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A Rider's Graduation to Jumping

It’s graduation season, and change is everywhere. Do you remember the first time you graduated to jumping your horse? Hopefully the first jump you faced was a small crossrail and was done intentionally, but some riders have other stories.

6609723265_f24c5d30b8_z Whether you knew it or not, your graduation to jumping was a big step in your riding. Providing your first jump was performed on purpose and…


Added by Buckley Fence on May 15, 2014 at 2:00pm — 2 Comments

The First Royal Windsor Horse Show Was Held in May of 1943

In May of 1943, the first ever Royal Windsor Horse Show was held, beginning an annual tradition still in effect today. Founded by Geoffrey Cross and Count Robert Orssich, the first Royal Windsor Horse Show was part of the “Wings for Victory” effort to raise money to purchase war bombers for use…


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The Woman Who Cheated with Horses.

I like to hear Horse Husbands whine as much as the next person.

Sometimes it’s almost amusing. He complains about…


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A Deep Cultural Change

When I first mounted a pony in Chile  57 years ago I was NEVER invited to consider the horse.  At most there was a small consideration for the horse’s mouth, but in 99.999% of the cases it was assumed that the horse had earned whatever abuse it had to suffer.  I also ran into the same assumptions in Uruguay, and in the USA when I returned to this country in 1963.  I found this assumption in riders, riding stables, instructors and trainers, both in person and from books and…


Added by Jackie Cochran on February 14, 2014 at 4:30pm — 3 Comments

Conditioning Horses: Round Pens and Longeing

By Melissa Sykes

- A round pen can be a wonderful conditioning tool for a horse.  As a matter of fact, this is usually the top choice among pinhookers for fitting weanlings and yearlings for the sales.  Exercise can be broken down by gait, direction and exact time.  For instance, a yearling can work five minutes in each direction at the trot, eventually lengthening the amount of time to both get his heart rate up and tone his muscles.

If no round pen is available, it…


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