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Put Your Horse On the Bit to Help You Sit the Trot

Many riders don't realize that the reason they have trouble sitting the trot, is because they haven't put their horses on the bit. No matter how good a rider you are, it's nearly impossible to sit on a back that is stiff and hollow.

The key to making both you and your horse more comfortable in sitting trot is to connect him so his back is round. You do that with what I call "the "connecting aids".

Before you try to give connecting aids, check that your horse…


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Do You Make These Mistakes When Your Dressage Horse Shies?

I've dealt with a lot of spooky dressage horses, and I find that often shying gets worse because riders do one or all of the following things.

1. Hit or kick him to make him obedient.

2. Make him walk straight up to scary object and face it straight on.

3. Forget to go around your ring in both directions.

4. Force him to go close to the scary object.

5. Patting and soothing him while he's shying.

Let's understand the nature of horses:



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"Breathe" Your Legs to Prevent Your Horse from "Fading" in Extensions

If your horse doesn't march with good energy in your free walk or fades too early in your trot and canter lengthenings, try "breathing" your legs during the movement.

To "breathe" your legs:

* Take your legs off of his sides.

* Move them an inch or two back, and place them on lightly again.

"Breathing" your legs does two things.

1. If you've been gripping, your horse is probably numb to your legs. Taking your legs off allows you to put…


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Is Your Horse Faking You Out? Or Is He Really Bending In Lateral Work?

Hi Guys,

In order for your lateral work such as shoulder-in, haunches-in, and half passes to be effective as collecting exercises, your horse must BEND.

Think of the following equation. Bend + Sideways = Engagement. (Engagement means the bending of joints. As your horse bends his hind legs, his croup lowers, and his forehand goes up–kind of like a seesaw or an airplane taking off.)

So here are some quick tips to help you determine if you're bending your horse…


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When Can I Introduce New Work: Part 2

Last week, I started this series to help you decide how and when to introduce new work. That blog focused on Training and First Levels. What follows is Part 2 of that series.

Let's say your horse is solid at first level. Look ahead to the Second Level movements. Check out the dressage tests. You'll see that you need to work on shoulder-in, haunches-in, renvers, simple changes of lead, reinback and turns on the haunches.

You'll also notice that the big…


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