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Cheer up! It’s all your fault.

We’ve all been there: Schooling our horse, asking for something, but not getting the right answer. We try one thing and then another, the work is sticky so we try a bit harder. At the same time, the horse feels a bit more resistant.

“This wasn’t just plain terrible, this was fancy terrible. This was terrible with raisins in it.”  -Dorothy Parker.

But then…


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Back to School Time.

It’s that time again- the sun’s a bit late in the morning. Geese are starting migration and horses are growing hair. School buses are out in full force.

It’s been 40 years since I got summers off to play and ride, and then lost sleep over what to…


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Is My Horse Suitable for Dressage?

The 2012 Summer Olympics concluded this week. Dressage got a bit more attention than usual, partly because of Great Britain’s wonderful win on home turf, and partly because of political satirist…


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Victim of Love: The In-Your-Pocket Horse.

-Written by request from another trainer. Nothing I am about to say is new, just hoping to provoke thought.…

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Dog Agility and Horse Agility

I can’t remember who came first in my life- dogs or horses. I do know a few of each are required for my mental health. There is a slow and gradual changing of the guard, as years go on.

Three dogs and 13 years ago, my cattle dog, Hero and I were pretty depressed after losing our old dog, Spam. The moping around was wearing on us, so we signed up for Dog Agility class and called it date night.

I’d been to obedience classes with other dogs- but this was different. It was happy…


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