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Farm Animals in the Zoo?

A friend and I spent the day at the zoo last week. Colorado Springs has a wonderful zoo, on the side of Cheyenne Mountain with lots of natural habitats. As zoos come and go, it’s a pretty special place.

The art of keeping wild animals in cages has improved over the last few decades, and some species tolerate it well. Other species would be extinct…


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The Feel of Forward.

Forward: A good ground covering gait that pushes from behind, is very uphill, and free. Oh, so free. Sigh. We know all the words. We’ve all read the books, watched the videos, and taken lessons.

It’s the natural way of going for a horse, and it sounds simple enough, but not necessarily that easy once you are in the…


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Bits: Metal on Bone.

The first thing she said in her lesson was that this horse had sent her to the emergency room more often than she could count.

(I don’t mean to sound self-serving, but really, you just now got around to talking with…


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Grouchy about Groundwork.

I’ve let loose a few decent rants about groundwork lately. I should apologize about the goose-shrill tone in my voice, but I’m not sorry for the sentiment. Groundwork is so crucial to good horsemanship and too many of us tolerate bad ground manners, in our horses and in ourselves.

It’s our fault. We’re always busy, always late, always distracted. We have a slam-bam-thank-you-‘Mam approach: Grab them, toss the halter on, pull them out of…


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How to tell if you’re turning into a Horse.

To anthropomorphize is to attribute human characteristics to animals or inanimate objects. In other words, make animals over in our image. Is there a word for making ourselves over in theirs?

There are so many ways that I am totally human. I walk on only two feet…


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