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The Horseperson's Car: How to Barn-Proof Your Vehicle

Car key in ignition

Our horse hobby has an uncanny way of spreading into and taking over our vehicles. While we might delight in eau de horse, chances are that some of the people who have to ride in our cars won't feel the same way. Are horses taking over your vehicle? Here are some ways to reclaim and barn-proof your car.

Use Plastic Totes

Plastic totes are key to getting a horsey car organized. Invest in a few heavy-duty plastic totes that fit in the…


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Spring Clean Your Barn for Safety

Spring is here, and that means it’s time for spring cleaning. Spring cleaning your barn is a perfect time to do a sweep for common barn safety issues. When you start spring cleaning your barn this year, make sure to add these important safety tasks to your list.

Remove Old Hay

Old hay accumulates dust and begins to lose its nutritional…


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Affordable Ways to Rejuvenate Your Horse Show Wardrobe

As spring arrives, so does horse show season. While it would be great to buy yourself a new wardrobe each year to start the season off fresh, doing so probably isn’t practical. If your wardrobe from last year is looking a little drab, there are a number of ways you can spruce it up without spending a ton.

Add a New Show Shirt

One of the easiest…


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What is a Working Student in the Horse Industry?

“Working student.” It’s a phrase that is often thrown around in the horse world, but what does it really involve? If you’re questioning whether being a working student is right for you, or even whether you should take a working student on yourself, this information about the world of the working student may help you decide.

The Basics of Being a…


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How to Stay on Good Terms When Moving to a New Boarding Barn

When it’s time to move to a new barn, relationships with your current barn owner or manager can become strained. It’s hard to bring up the fact that you are moving your horse, especially if you are close with your barn owner or if you have been at your…


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How to Fix the Fit of a Saddle That's Too Wide

After checking the fit of your saddle, have you found that your saddle is just a little bit too wide for your horse? While having a saddle that’s a bit too wide is not ideal, it’s actually better than having a…


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What You Need to Know About Leasing a Show Horse

With show season upon us, you may be feeling pressured to find your next show horse for this year. And while buying your show horse is a popular option, leasing your next show horse can also be an excellent approach. Leasing a show horse allows you to partner with a talented and competitive horse without taking on the financial responsibilities of buying a show horse. The…


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How To Continue Riding As A College Student

Owning a horse in college can be a challenge, with its significant time and financial demands. Luckily, you don’t necessarily have to own a horse in college to keep riding. Try out these tips to keep riding while you’re in school.

Join a College Riding Team…


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Tips for Hosting a Barn Open House

With the completion of your barn, there is no better way to celebrate than with a barn open house. A barn open house can be open to friends and family, but it can also be a useful tool to bring in clients and boarders. When planning your barn’s open house, consider the following tips and ideas.

Check Your Insurance

Before you…


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Features That Will Set Your Boarding Barn Apart from Others

When planning your boarding barn, you will want to take measures to set your barn apart from other boarding facilities. If you’re opting to provide horses with the ultimate in care, safety, and luxury in your high-performance boarding barn, then consider adding the following amenities to your plans.

Stable-ity Grids

Mud is a frequent…


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How To Design an Indoor Riding Arena

When you are designing your barn, you will want to carefully consider whether building an indoor arena will be part of the process. Indoor arenas maximize the amount of time you are able to spend riding during the year, and boarders are willing to pay higher prices to board at barns with indoor arenas. If you will be building an indoor arena, be sure to account for…


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The Pros and Cons of Owning a Horse During College

If you love horses and will be entering college soon, the thought of owning a horse in college may have crossed your mind. The truth is, many young horse owners opt to sell their horses before going away to college. But many college students also manage to continue on with their horse ownership while also pursuing…


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Are You Ready to Rescue a Horse?

Rescuing a horse is a noble cause, and it seems that there is always a horse in desperate need of a good home. But before you agree to rescue a horse, it is important to consider whether you are really ready to take on a rescue. Below are just a few of the resources that you will want to have before you consider taking on a rescue horse.

Adequate Barn…


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How to Keep Your Horse From Escaping

Your horse’s safety depends on him being contained, whether it’s in a pasture or his stall. As a horse owner or barn manager, it is your responsibility to make sure that your horses are safely contained, and that they cannot easily escape. As spring cleaning arrives, make it a point to evaluate your property and consider the following tips for…


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